Non nerd test
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Non nerd test

This is a fight back/parody against all these 'nerd' tests. It tests how completely useless you are on the computer.

Question 1:Is this your first time on a computer?
Question 2:Have you not programmed a computer?
Question 3:Including the easy stuff?
Question 4:Do you not know how to program a computer?
Question 5:Do you not wear glasses?
Question 6:Including sun-glasses?
Question 7:Is your vision 20/20?
Question 8:Do you wear contacts?
Question 9:To look 'cool'?
Question 10:Do you sit quietly during lessons?
Question 11:Do you go to sleep during lessons?
Question 12:Do you get shocked when a teacher asks you a question?
Question 13:Do you skip class?
Question 14:Do you sit at the back of your class?
Question 15:For more than 20% of the time?
Question 16:Do you not own a calculator?
Question 17:Have you never read sci-fi?
Question 18:Is your favourite sort of book 'romance' or 'history'?
Question 19:Do you not own a microscope?
Question 20:Have you never used a microscope?
Question 21:Do you not own a telescope?
Question 22:Is your weight more than your IQ?
Question 23:And yet you're anerexic/very thin?
Question 24:Is your IQ under 100?
Question 25:Did you get confused and give up on question 22?
Question 26:Do you not have rubiks cube?
Question 27:Have you never used rubiks cube?
Question 28:Can you not solve it?
Question 29:Do you wash your hair every day?
Question 30:Do you not have acne?
Question 31:And you're a teenager?
Question 32:Do you do all your shopping offline?
Question 33:Is shopping at the mall your ideal Saturday?
Question 34:And you're a man/boy?
Question 35:Does science bore you?
Question 36:Have you not sat through an entire episode of Doctor who?
Question 37:Do you not know anything about Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy?
Question 38:Was your SATs result for English higher than your maths one?
Question 39:Were both under level 7?
Question 40:Level 6?
Question 41:Do you not know what a computer game is?
Question 42:Do you play most games offline?
Question 43:Did you just comment 'games are for kids'?
Question 44:Are you obsessed with fashion?
Question 45:Did you get rid of your chemistry set when you were 13?
Question 46:Did you never own one?
Question 47:Do you not own a digital watch?
Question 48:Do you not know what one is?
Question 49:Were you ever on a sports team?
Question 50:Were you ever a cheerleader?
Question 51:Do you know less than 3 programming languages?
Question 52:Less than 2?
Question 53:None?
Question 54:Do you not get technical jokes?
Question 55:Have you never watched star-trek?
Question 56:Are you a gossip?
Question 57:Have you ever used the word 'cool'?
Question 58:'yeah right'?
Question 59:'oh my g*d'?
Question 60:Does Latin confuse you?
Question 61:Can some words in English confuse you?
Question 62:Are some of these words shorter than 3 syllables?
Question 63:Have you never used a modem?
Question 64:Does the internet scare you?
Question 65:Did you not get your maths GCSE/O Level?
Question 66:Did you not get your science GCSE/O Level?
Question 67:Have you ever missed school?
Question 68:When you were perfectly healthy?
Question 69:For a term or longer?
Question 70:Do you get someone else to do your homework for you?
Question 71:Have you ever been in a bottom set?
Question 72:Have you ever been told to leave a classroom?
Question 73:For talking?
Question 74:Do you get confused counting to 100?
Question 75:10?
Question 76:Can you not speak over one language?
Question 77:Including not knowing common phrases (bonjeur, danke etc)?
Question 78:And you're the child of a foreigner?
Question 79:Is this your first time on a computer?
Question 80:Have you never played a computer game?
Question 81:Have you never downloaded?
Question 82:Do you get confused by that word?
Question 83:Do you know less than 5 peoples e-mail addresses?
Question 84:Less than 2?
Question 85:No e-mail addresses at all?
Question 86:Including your own?
Question 87:Do you not have an e-mail address?
Question 88:And you're over 10?
Question 89:Can you not read maps?
Question 90:Do you ask people to fix things for you?
Question 91:Do you ask people to borrow things?
Question 92:Do you not understand chess?
Question 93:Do you not understand draughts?
Question 94:Have you not played chess before?
Question 95:Have you not played draughts before?
Question 96:Is your IQ below 90?
Question 97:And you're 16 or older?
Question 98:Have you never owned slinky?
Question 99:Does this test confuse you?
Question 100:Are you amazed you managed to get to the end of this test?

This Quiz has been designed by Zoe.