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Are you a wimp, or a true WARRIOR??? Embark on this quest to battle through the dark caverns of your heart and discover the truth about your identity.

Question 1:What would you do if you were a refugee, stuck in a refugee camp and it takes a minimum of two years for you to be processed? Would you:
Climb on a razor-sharp fence in order for yourself to be seen and heard?
Do nothing?
Sew your child's lips together to get attention?
Get a lawyer?

Question 2:Which fairytale character would you prefer to be?
Little Red Riding Hood
Snow White

Question 3:What would you do if someone pointed a gun at you? Would you:
Grab, twist and pull?
Scream and pee in your pants?
Let out a war cry and charge?
Surrender and hand over your wallet?

Question 4:What do you do in your spare time?
Gossip and spread rumours?
Make plans to take over the world?
Make up compliments and practice them in front of a mirror?
Go to the library?

Question 5:What pet do you prefer?
Guinea pig?

Question 6:What colour hair do you desire to have?

Question 7:If someone you did not trust invited you to dinner, what would you take with you?
Samurai sword
Bring your own food
Stay at home

Question 8:Which mode of transport do you prefer?
Harley Davidson motorbike

Question 9:Which T.V program do you prefer?
Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
Big Brother
Bob the Builder

Question 10:If you were allowed one wish, what would it be?
Visit your late mother, who died giving birth to you
Travel to the future, to see next Thursday night's winning lottery numbers
Success, popularity, wealth and power
A never-ending packet of Tim-Tams

This Quiz has been designed by Saint George.