Which Dumbass Member Are You?
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Which Dumbass Member Are You?

Yes, you have stumbled across the wonderful world of Dumbass. Dumbass was created by a friend of mine (who is sadly not my friend anymore, or so he says x.x; ), so please give him credit and copyrights go to him. Dumbass is a little show the crazy and bored kids do around here. We go out, do crazy stuff, and get it on camera. Then we show it to our other friends, who won't do anything because they don't understand the concept of "risk", and laugh. Enjoy people!

Question 1:You see gasoline and a lighter. You:
Ask your friends what they are staring at and does it have the risk of getting in trouble.
Already planned on lighting stuff on fire!
Suggest we light things on fire and get out the firecrackers.
Watch people grab the items and start the fun!
Think of little kids running around with fire crackers in their hands o.o;;

Question 2:What do you think of Sean Connery?
Uh, sure, yeah.
. . . . what? That was random . . .
Shaken, not stirred.
He's one shekshy old man!
Uh... dude, I'm not like that.

Question 3:Red Bull©?
Hey that stuff has an after taste of caaaaaaaandy! @.@
Red Bull©!!!!! BLAAAAAAAAGH! *Foams at the mouth.*(yesh)
Hell yeah!
Uh, yeah sure.

Question 4:Nothing's better than...
Buying condoms for the hell of it.
Taping all the fun!
Avoiding trouble. ^_^;
Watching people do some weird stuff! x.x;
Taking off my pants, drenching them in gasoline, and lighting them on fire.

Question 5:Do you like to be a leader?
I'd rather stay quiet and go along with the majority's decision.
I just do whatever.
Leader? I rule the world!
I'd rather be second in command, or dragged into it.

Question 6:Your most famous stunt would most likely be...
Hosting the first "Pyro Day".
Tch.. I am a second original member!
Getting fire kicked at your leg while being "camera ho".
I created the freakin' thing! Geez!
Asking what the circumference of the condoms you are buying are, then not buying them.

Question 7:Your favorite thing in the world might be...
Your bass guitar and RHCP cds.
Your Johnny the Homicidal Maniac Comics.
Your large collection of anime.. and hentai..
Your spot as leader.
Your video game systems.

Question 8:"It's all fun and games until..."
..until someone turns the human race into waffles?
..until my backyard is in FLAMES!
..until someone gets grounded for all eternity. -_-;;
..until the cops have arrived, and they've already had donuts!
..until someone gets hurt, then it's even better!

Question 9:Your Dumbass© name might be like...
Nurse Stephanie
Trojan Boy
Farmer Jack or Chaos Carts
Backyard Pyro
Cameron (Ferris Bueller's Day Off reference!)

Question 10:What role do you think you'd play in Dumbass© anyway?
Returned member/co-creator
Camera Ho or Public Disturbance Skits (Recently kicked out too..)
I'm the creator! The boss! F**k off!
Suggestions boy/Major pyro guy o.O;
Pyro director.. or at least in your own backyard!

Question 11:You'd do anything to...
Keep the chaos running!
Act like the psycho I am!
Laugh as people screw things up!
Do crazy stuff... just don't get into THAT much trouble!
Get the best camera shots you can!

Question 12:Have you ever...
Been trapped in a Porta-Potty with a picnic table jamming the door, yet used your Hulk-like strength to get out?
Been sprayed in the eyes with gasoline?
Stood around and watched some chaos?
Let your friends stuff firecrackers into a Cocktail of Death and light it off in your backyard?
Stuffed into a cart out of your own will and pushed into a brick wall?

Question 13:Your favorite kind of music might be like...
Heavy Metal
Hard Rock and Techno
Old school punk
Alternative Rock

Question 14:Which of these would you most likely say?
"Water doesn't put out a gas fi...quick! Put it out with the water!"
"Oh my God! Put that shit out!"
"Oh my God, Oh my God, What the F**k, BarBeQue!"
"You know what would be funny?..."
"Can you tell me the circumference of these?"

Question 15:When you're pissed off you...
Make plan against them, let it go into action, and watch them get their lives ruined.
Conspire a plan against your enemy.
Grab your baseball bat, glass bottles, and head up to the park with your friends!
Twitch and keep it to yourself for a little bit.
Beat their heads in with your bass guitar!

Question 16:Some words to describe you are...
Devious, Cruel, Social.
Mellow, Intelligent, Sarcastic.
Carefree, Evil, "Satan."
Shy, Weird, "Punk Rock Girl."
Paranoid, Hyper, "The Good One."

Question 17:"My plan is almost COMPLETE! Soon all of the children of the world will be dipped into Fum-Lung Sweet and Sour Sauce! They will be sweet, AND SOUR!!! SONIC THE HEDGEHOG!" - HNB
Whoa, where did you come up with that one?
Hmm... Happy Noodle Boy... I love Jhonen Vasquez.
Um... okay?

Question 18:And your current member status in Dumbass© would be...
Retired member.. wait.. I HAVE RETURNED!
Leader. Muwahaha.
Still one of the originals.
Recently kicked out. Probably be there for the reunion if invited.
On and Off member.

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