What Kind of Driver are YOU?
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What Kind of Driver are YOU?

Everyone knows that when you turn 16 you'll get your license and can drive. If you had the money to buy any vehicle you wanted, what would it be; a convertible, an SUV, a motorcycle, or something conservative?

Question 1:Do you like to spend money?
The way gas prices are today? Of course, I have to
No, I'll save mine for a rainy day
Yes, all the time
On my new leather jacket

Question 2:What color is your favorite?
Fire Engine Red
Brown and other earth tones
Blues and Greens

Question 3:Are you...
a loner
wild and crazy
quiet, and love to protest the cutting down of rain forests

Question 4:Your ideal vehicle seats...

Question 5:When cruising down the interstate, you love to go
70-84 mph
85+ mph
whatever the speed limit is, subtract 5
60-69 mph

Question 6:When stopped at a red light you...
flirt with the guy/girl next to you
tell the kids to shutup or get spanked
rev the engine waiting to do a wheelie
calmly wait until the light turns green

Question 7:Do you need room for a spouse?
sure, if he/she is loving to me and the environment
yea, and the kids

Question 8:When you grow/were growing up you want/wanted to be a...
saving the trees
by yourself
rich person so you could buy all the cars and houses you wanted
a smart, educated business person

Question 9:No one will dare mess with...
animal crackers stored for an easy way to shutup the kids
leather jacket
your freshly-cleaned car

Question 10:When you finish this test what are you most likely to do?
go to the "We stupid tree-huggers and we know it" convention
go cruise the streets with the music blaring
pick up the kids from school/practice
go to a bar

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