Which insane dictator are you?
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Which insane dictator are you?

Which insane dictator would you be if you were one?

Question 1:You are planning an attack of a weaker smaller nation without any defenses at all. What type of food do you have for dinner the night before?
Cheese and Crackers
Chicken Fried Rice
Hamburger and fries
a prisoner of war stew

Question 2:You world domination skills were questioned by a general in charge of your navy. What do you do?
Have him and his family killed in the middle of the night.
Tell him you need to talk to him and beat him until he bleeds from every oriface.
Shoot him on the spot.
Urinate on him and then the firing squad.

Question 3:Your "Dictating" loving spouse/girlfriend asks you your favorite way to have sex. What do you say?
Lots of love with lots of women.
I'll do just about anyone.
Anyway that involves her.

Question 4:The leading newspaper of your country has determined that you are ruthless dictator (which you are). How do you respond?
Nuke the whole area.
By killing everyone who ever worked for the newspaper.
Tie the writer of the stories to the railroad tracks and laugh and scream, "Who's your daddy" when the train approaches.
Smile and think, "Kiss my ass, I can have you destroyed".

Question 5:Somebody (you) have decided that you need another source of entertainment in your royal palace. What is that entertainment?
Girls, Girls Girls!!!!
A machine that kills anyone you wish.
Funny smelly people.
A shark tank filled with really really big sharks.

Question 6:When you dream, you dream.......
in color.
about girls.
in black and white.
Horrible, terrible sex dreams. The last included an elf, two goats, a lost puppy, Carmen Electra, George Bush, whips, chains, a really fat girl, sex gay men and 45 lipstick lesbians.

Question 7:On a scale of 1 to 10, rate how much you like lesbians.

Question 8:How many people have died directly connected with you regime?
tens of millions
a billion
too many to count

Question 9:What is you favorite cookie?
peanut butter

Question 10:Who is your god?

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