Do You Have What it Takes to be an IDAS?
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Do You Have What it Takes to be an IDAS?

For centuries the IDAS (Increasingly Different And Specialized people) have ruled the planet Z-Y-Go-Te with their king and queen, King Pinky and Queen Fragg. An IDAS has put together a test for you to allow you to see whether or not you are IDAS material. So, are one of the beloved IDAS or are you just an IDAS rope-holder? Find out now.

Question 1:We'll start out with a test of your reading skills. Who is the king of Z-y-Go-Te?
King Bob
King George
King Fragg
King Pinky

Question 2:What is the name of the only nation on Z-Y-Go-Te?
Bob's World
Nation of Ropes

Question 3:What is the name of the National bird on Z-Y-Go-Te?
Bishy Fird

Question 4:Who are the biggest posers in the universe?
The Pluto Posers
Bob's Look-alikes
The Rabbit Stompers

Question 5:What color is your hair?
Red, just like Bob's!
Blue, green, orange, purple, etc.

Question 6:What keeps the IDAS from getting separated from each other?
A big rope
A Messenger Penguin
Bob, of course
A trail of breadcrumbs

Question 7:How do the IDAS communicate with each other?
How should I know?
Messenger Penguin
Bob carries notes around
Instant messenger

Question 8:What does the Beloved Rope look like?
An ordinary rope, so it can fool everyone
It's blue with red spots and green stripes and fur
It has pictures of Bob all over it
It looks like cheese because it's made out of cheese

Question 9:Who is currently holding the Beloved Rope?
Invisible Hippos
The Messenger Penguin
Fred. Bob's still doing the laundry.

Question 10:What does King Pinky look like?
Bob's father
An ordinary science teacher
A pink turtle
A big blob of mashed potatoes

Question 11:Which of these is the best job to have on Z-Y-Go-Te?
All of them! You should be happy just to be allowed on Z-Y-Go-Te.

Question 12:What is the name of the bird that keeps getting stuck in fans?

Question 13:In the Pledge to King Pinky, what are the only things that can see the invisible native?
Bob's friends

Question 14:What does the Messenger Penguin look like?
Like a regular Penguin
Yellow with a big green nose
Like Bob's son
It's blue with red spots and green stripes and fur

Question 15:Last, but definitely not least, what is worshipped above all else in the universe?
King Pinky

This Quiz has been designed by Holly/Lamp on Z-Y-Go-Te.