Which Knight of the Round Table Are You? (Python-style)
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Which Knight of the Round Table Are You? (Python-style)

Sir Launcelot? Sir Robin? What about Sir Bedevere? Or are you Arthur King of the Britains himself?

Question 1:It's your first day on the job at a local pet store. Some man comes in with a parrot and yells, "It bleeding demised!" in your face. What do you do?
Bow. "My liege, I would be honoured to replace the parrot!"
Wet your armour and scream, "Shut-up!" to your sadistic singing minstrel.
Suddenly draw your sword and kill him. "Ha, ha!"
Look at him quizzically and ask, "An African or European parrot?"

Question 2:You’re at a concert and everything's fine until some pepperpots start criticizing your clothes. What do you do?
Go on another killing spree.
Try to impress them by explaining why witches burn.
Count to 3. "1, 2, 5!" "3, sir." "3!" and throw the Holy Hand Grenade.
Wet your armour and scream, "Shut-up!" again to your minstrel.

Question 3:You and your friends must split up. Where do you go?
The dark forest of Yuin where I meet a three-headed knight. . . and run away.
Talk to the man in Scene 24.
Go save Galahad, then answer a call, a cry for help---this could lead us to the Grail! Sweet Concorde, you would not have died in vain!
I stay with my liege!

Question 4:You're faced with defeating the meanest animal alive. Bones of 50 full men lay scattered about its lair. What do you do?
"That rabbit's dynamite!"
Fight for my liege!
Killing spree!! I also double as Tim the Enchanter. . .
Wet my armour and run the fastest when my King calls to retreat.

Question 5:What figure is on your shield/breastplate?
A sun.
A phoenix or bird of some kind.
A funky checkerboard. . . I think. . .
A tree.

Question 6:You and the rest of the knights come to some French taunters. What do you say?
Nothing, I just stare at them.
I let my liege do the talking. . . but I give him the Trojan Bunny plan.
I double as the taunter---what more do you want?
I carry out the whole conversation!

Question 7:What is your favourite colour?
I was asked the capital of Syria instead.
An African or European swallow?
I wasn't asked. Hmph.

Question 8:Ni!
No! Not the Knights who say Ni! Those who hear them seldom live to tell the tale!
That isn't a question. . . nor do I come into that scene.
Who are they?

Question 9:What is your quest?
To seek the Grail.
I wasn't asked these questions!
I seek the Holy Grail.
I seek the Holy Grail.

Question 10:What is your name?
Sir Bedevere of Camelot.
Sir Robin of Camelot.
Arthur, son of Utha Pendragon. King of the Britains, Defeater of the Saxons. . .
Sir Launcelot of Camelot.

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