I Bet I Can Guess Your Race! Try Me Now!

Your answers on this quiz will tell me whether you're African American, an Alaska native, Native American, or from southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.

If you're easily offended, you might want to keep clicking on tests. I'm a well-meaning person just trying to make a fun quiz, not to take cheap shots at people who are different than I am. I believe we're not really separate peoples... just many individuals who are all human beings, who just happen to have different idiosyncrasies, preferences and sources of pride.

Let me guess your race now!

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    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?
    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?

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42 days ago
why is there no option for only child, i dont have siblings. unless half siblings count?? also this quiz is racist
44 days ago
I got 40% Latino. I am not Latino, but I grew up in a heavily Latino area, and most of my coworkers are Latino, so it makes sense that I seem more Latino in my behavior.
44 days ago
I got 40% Asian, 20% White American, 20% Canadian, 10% Black Caribbean and then 10% Latino.

I'm a white brit.
115 days ago
I got Asian then African American then Latina then Canadian, I am a basic white girl like ummmmm not even an option???????
128 days ago
You're one of the many different Asian sub-races, and you're probably great at academics, engineering, or whatever other subject(s) you set your mind to!

ok so like, yeah you got asian right, i'm Chinese
...but good at academics & engineering? ARE YOU KIDDING I STINK AT BOTH
129 days ago
As a basic white girl, I am shocked that I got 0% Caucasian. Instead, I’m 40% Latina. Hon, I may like Coco, but I’m not sure it can alter my race. 😅
134 days ago
I agree with you Hanna this quiz was kinda racist. Just because I eat burritos a lot it said I might be hispanic
136 days ago
It is a very rasist Quiz
136 days ago
I m Not Amerikan !! !!
138 days ago
i got cacausian but i'm black 🤩
142 days ago
Lol, I'm literally South African.
166 days ago
it surprisingly got me almost right, by dna ancestry and by heritage im 1/3 black and it did me 40% african-american, but the asian part and canadian isnt right as i have never had any contact with canada and i have no known asian parent. Also this is real stereotypical, why would the food i eat define my race and my athletism too? white people also can be athletic/eat chicken as black/mixed people can be unathletic or eat something else lmao. If you defining my race ask about my heritage and phenotype.
215 days ago
Thought I was caucasian, 20% african, when I am 🦄ian-American
227 days ago
This test is kind of stereoty and it is rasist. I am mexicana, and it gessed me but still.
232 days ago
Well it says that I am Caucasian. Um... I originated from the Indian Subcontinent, wth??? It's ok, just maybe don't make these quizzes - they don't define you.
Also, plz don't do this anymore, it makes me feel really uncomfortable that my personality is thought to be "caucasian". Just because I like football (soccer) doesn't mean that I am white!!!

An angry Desi waiting for righteousness
233 days ago
This quiz got it COMPLETELY wrong!
245 days ago
I am White (they got it right), but this quiz is not racially appropriate. There are many other ethnicities besides Caucasian, African-American, Asian, Latino/ Latina, and Canadian. Remember, THIS QUIZ DOESN'T DEFINE YOU!
259 days ago
Omg this test is soooo dumb like this is racist, but then the dude goes and says everyone is unique, while roping them into cliches. Like what the heck man!?
279 days ago
Spot on, I'm from Kazakhstan and I currently live in Canada (Most likely because of the hockey and being more book-smart answers) but this test really doesn't matter because your race doesn't define you.
295 days ago
Survey said I mostly am not a race, instead a melting pot country(not how i put it) because of the hockey answers. Second biggest was Latino which they said is from spain. As a mix, they got it right.