I Bet I Can Guess Your Race! Try Me Now!

Your answers on this quiz will tell me whether you're African American, an Alaska native, Native American, or from southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.

If you're easily offended, you might want to keep clicking on tests. I'm a well-meaning person just trying to make a fun quiz, not to take cheap shots at people who are different than I am. I believe we're not really separate peoples... just many individuals who are all human beings, who just happen to have different idiosyncrasies, preferences and sources of pride.

Let me guess your race now!

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    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?
    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?

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375 days ago
Asian sub-races
Wow way off
Iā€™m from South Africa
387 days ago
i tried this quiz again lmao it finally got it right
405 days ago
Lmao I got an unclear score. 30% Asian, 30% Caucasian, 30% Latina and 10% African.
406 days ago
Lets face it I'm an American
418 days ago
i got 40% latino but i'm actually black/african american
422 days ago
I got 60% asian 40% caucasian.
I'm actually 50 - 50!
449 days ago
For 60% you are: You're one of the many different Asian sub-races, and you're probably great at academics, engineering, or whatever other subject(s) you set your mind to!

Asia is an entire continent teeming with fascinating people and cultures. It is far too large and varied to make generalizations about. From the frozen steppes of Kazakhstan and its colorful, fierce nomadic peoples to the sultry and gorgeous islands of Thailand and beyond, Asia's landscapes and people are wonderful and one-of-a-kind.

I wish this was true lol but I'm freaking polish....
456 days ago
It says 0% Canadian, that's completely wrong
490 days ago
Im native american.. you guessed caucasian. srry! :(
495 days ago
well I am 0% american and genetically 0% French (but was borne and bread in Paris) I am 95% west asian . funny things in the US it is seen as "white" but white means also west europe which is completely nonsensical to me... if somebody was calling me white in the US i would reply in arabic to see what he says
498 days ago
ur half indian half american half british? lol
511 days ago
I got Canadian but I'm NZE and Maori
518 days ago
Apparently I am Latino when I am part Indian and American and half british
520 days ago
People don't listen to this quiz you can be asian and like sports you can be white and like engineering and you can be black and like underrated sports everyone is different.
520 days ago
@penelope Racist to your own kind.
520 days ago
Trash quiz how am I 30% African-American? I only just said I like American football that's all.
528 days ago
I'm Asian but it gave me caucasian...
561 days ago
It says that I am canadian, Latino and Caucasian
572 days ago
Not bad: 40 Canadian 30 caucasian, 20 Asian, 10 Latino. Am a white kiwi, allegedly Canadian descent with a little gypsy, lived in Asia for a while... likely a tiny bit asian from millennia ago... test seemed dumb but the result isn't terribly inaccurate
588 days ago
I got šŸ•Š but I'm White