I Bet I Can Guess Your Race! Try Me Now!

Your answers on this quiz will tell me whether you're African American, an Alaska native, Native American, or from southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, or the Pacific Islands.

If you're easily offended, you might want to keep clicking on tests. I'm a well-meaning person just trying to make a fun quiz, not to take cheap shots at people who are different than I am. I believe we're not really separate peoples... just many individuals who are all human beings, who just happen to have different idiosyncrasies, preferences and sources of pride.

Let me guess your race now!

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    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?
    Which of these is something that's normal for you to eat often?

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935 days ago
Okay so, I double-checked the questions and it's getting annoying now. I'm an Aaian and not only Asians eat rice. I feel ad for black peoples, americans, etc. Being fast doesn't make you an American or something. This is so racist and you should've think before you posted this quiz.
935 days ago
this* I meant, sorry 'a' and 's' are close to eachother on phone.
935 days ago
As an Asian people myself this offended me... I know I am 100% Asian and not 10% Latina. But, I am not mad I know thia quiz wasn't meant to guess your race accurately. But it's not good to make fun of races.
937 days ago
So basically my skintone is white but I am almost fully Spaniard or Spanish whatever you want to say and Mexican I am Hispanic and we take our culture very seriously in my household
939 days ago
Honestly the end results saying stereotypes of all the races, and even if it wasn’t serious...I mean still. You couldn’t even put anything for Caucasian people except work out your race problems. The smart question had nothing to do with race and neither did the athletic one-your race shouldn’t define all that stuff about you. Traveling a lot does not make you white, eating rice does not make you Asian, running fast does not make you African American.
943 days ago
And like the question u asked us were very stereotypical and racist towards,,,,,,,,black people,latinos and asians. and i really find this quiz dumb not going to lie.
943 days ago
I find the questions on this quiz very stereotypical.........and racist.......
948 days ago
949 days ago
Its actually very racist to assume that asians eat rice and that they are smart. by saying 'how many countries have you been to?' is implying that poc are to poor to go to other countries.
952 days ago
I am sorry but these questions are horrible. By asking how frequently we travel, you are implying that certain races cannot afford travel, and you are assuming Asian people eat rice, are smart, are short, and like manga... I know that most of the anime nerds are actually white people /weebs lolol...and every race eats rice. What is up with these horribly written stereotypes?
952 days ago
Hey, it’s pretty racist of you to assume only Asians eat rice...I grew up in both South and North America, and I can tell you Latin people, white people, Indian people, black people, etc etc eat their own versions of rice. These questions are very ignorant. Wish I could give only half a star.
953 days ago
So one of the questions is “how many siblings do you have?” I don’t have any but there was no option for none! I skipped the question (just clicked the thing to go to the next question without answering). Also apparently I’m the same amount Asian and African-American.
955 days ago
So turns out am a latina but I am Fricking African-American
957 days ago
Correct! Nice quiz!
959 days ago
Turns out , I'm really Latina . But .. I'm a african american . How is this even possible ?
959 days ago
Uhm.. Asian? I'm 100% Puerto Rican lol
959 days ago
Uhm.. Asian? I'm 100% Puerto Rican
960 days ago
I just got 0% of my own race and 40% Asian race and i LOVE IT, i really like Asian culture and by that my friends and family always say that i have an asain mind, so im not quite mad tbh:)
960 days ago
Exuse me is Volleyball not a sport to you ppl tch
961 days ago
I got 40% asian and 60% Canadian
I'm japanese-korean'-'