Race and ethnicity: 'What race am I?' Quiz Get the answer now!

Wondering, "What race am I?" Answer these questions and I will inform you! Your answers can tell me whether you're African American, an Alaska native, Native American, or from southeast Asia, the Indian subcontinent, the Pacific islands, or other foreign country or other race than mine. If you're an easily offended person, you might want to try a different test. I promise I'm just trying to have some harmless fun and that this quiz is meant in a good spirit. I don't mean to take cheap shots at people in a different racial category or racial categories than I, or who have a different skin color than I do. After all, we're not really separate people...just many individuals who are all human beings, who happen to have different preferences.

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    What's (part of) a typical dinner for you?
    What's (part of) a typical dinner for you?

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2 days ago
lol im hispanic why did it say i was white :(
20 days ago
I wear a mask for a smile for hours at a time
34 days ago
I'm African and it said I was asian
36 days ago
im white but i got asian yay i hate being white
86 days ago
Who is 19 feet lmao. Y’all are giants huh?
87 days ago
40% Asian
30% White
20% African American
10% Canadian
0% Latino
I'm mexican but apparently I'm not
125 days ago
i got 30% white- 30% latino/hispanic- 20% acfrican american- 10% asian-
138 days ago
50% Asian, 25-30% American, 10% Canadian, 10% African-American, 5% Hispanic/Latino
141 days ago
I'm black ( african) but it said im asian
145 days ago
I’m black but there is no option for only child-
148 days ago
I got :

40% Asian
20% White
20% Hispanic
20% Black
0% Canadian

I'm mostly European, then Asian, then Native American (which wasn't even included) 😅 .
Funny getting 0% Canadian; despite the border town I come from gets compared to Canada all the time but I will say, we don't say aboot nor do we eat Canadian fare (except more recently; Nanaimo bars...the vegan ones are amazing!).

Also, 🦄 was with the the question that asked about height?! O_o ... The shortest option was 5'8 & the tallest option was 19 Ft O_o .... What land of Giants does this poster come from?!
I'm 5'4!!!
153 days ago
they said 40% white 20% canaidian 10% asian - im 2% white & 100% black in genaral LMBOOOOO
153 days ago
they said 40% white- im 2% white & 100% black in genaral LMBOOOOO
153 days ago
I'm asian but I got white !
169 days ago
I got:
50% white
30% asian
10% latina
10% black
0% canadian

I’m black but I’ve lived in Canada my whole life lmao what is this
171 days ago
this is not offensive guys, just because it didn't get your race correctly. they even say that they don't mean to offense anyone. u got my race wrong too but i am not offended
180 days ago
I somehow got 40% asian 40% African American 10% Latino and I’m Kenyan
188 days ago
I some how got 50% african 40% latino and 10% white im half mexican and half white
192 days ago
bruh i dont have siblings
203 days ago