Answer These Questions And I Will Guess Your Race!

Answer these questions and I will tell you what race you are. NOTE: If you're the kind of person who's easily offended, you might want to find a different test to take. I won't be offended.:) I promise I'm just trying to have some friendly, harmless fun. This quiz is meant in a good spirit, not to take cheap shots at minorities.

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    What's a typical dinner for you?
    What's a typical dinner for you?

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5 days ago
6 days ago
Its actually very racist to assume that asians eat rice and that they are smart. by saying 'how many countries have you been to?' is implying that poc are to poor to go to other countries.
9 days ago
I am sorry but these questions are horrible. By asking how frequently we travel, you are implying that certain races cannot afford travel, and you are assuming Asian people eat rice, are smart, are short, and like manga... I know that most of the anime nerds are actually white people /weebs lolol...and every race eats rice. What is up with these horribly written stereotypes?
9 days ago
Hey, it’s pretty racist of you to assume only Asians eat rice...I grew up in both South and North America, and I can tell you Latin people, white people, Indian people, black people, etc etc eat their own versions of rice. These questions are very ignorant. Wish I could give only half a star.
10 days ago
So one of the questions is “how many siblings do you have?” I don’t have any but there was no option for none! I skipped the question (just clicked the thing to go to the next question without answering). Also apparently I’m the same amount Asian and African-American.
12 days ago
So turns out am a latina but I am Fricking African-American
14 days ago
Correct! Nice quiz!
16 days ago
Turns out , I'm really Latina . But .. I'm a african american . How is this even possible ?
16 days ago
Uhm.. Asian? I'm 100% Puerto Rican lol
16 days ago
Uhm.. Asian? I'm 100% Puerto Rican
16 days ago
I just got 0% of my own race and 40% Asian race and i LOVE IT, i really like Asian culture and by that my friends and family always say that i have an asain mind, so im not quite mad tbh:)
17 days ago
Exuse me is Volleyball not a sport to you ppl tch
18 days ago
I got 40% asian and 60% Canadian
I'm japanese-korean'-'
20 days ago
Well, i got 70% african-american, 10%white, 10% asian, 10% latino.
African american cause of having perfect body features, i do have that as i'm sportly active and tall for my age (15yo/6'3"-190cm height)
But still i'm white with some asian features.
My mom is half kazakh half turkish-russian, her father half turkish half russian.
My dad is Libyan.
22 days ago
i'm a white canadian, i got 60% asian and 0% canadian... and this quiz is highkey insulting
25 days ago
i just wanted to be the 400th comment
30 days ago
This is litteraly bad it said i had a bigger percentage of white and asian than black and im black,irish, and native American.
31 days ago
Im Native American so I didn't expect you to get it right but come on really?
33 days ago
I think this quiz is insulting, not all certain races act the same. Just because I like burritos does that mean I have to be Latino or Hispanic or what if I'm black and not athletic then they give me something else because that's all the quiz creator knows ab that race. You are assuming certain races will choose certain sports and I KNOW THAT smart question was about the Asian Americans. Not hating or anything but still not a good subject to screw up.
34 days ago
I’m a white Latina not even close to Asian or black Idk how they getting this from my hight, smarts, and wether I like sports or not. It was still fun I guess I don’t really take quizzes like this seriously but still I’m a little confused on how they get the results for this.