Answer These Questions And I Will Guess Your Race!

Answer these questions and I will tell you what race you are. NOTE: If you're the kind of person who's easily offended, you might want to find a different test to take. I won't be offended.:) I promise I'm just trying to have some friendly, harmless fun. This quiz is meant in a good spirit, not to take cheap shots at minorities.

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    What's a typical dinner for you?
    What's a typical dinner for you?

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7 hours ago
i just wanted to be the 400th comment
6 days ago
This is litteraly bad it said i had a bigger percentage of white and asian than black and im black,irish, and native American.
7 days ago
Im Native American so I didn't expect you to get it right but come on really?
9 days ago
I think this quiz is insulting, not all certain races act the same. Just because I like burritos does that mean I have to be Latino or Hispanic or what if I'm black and not athletic then they give me something else because that's all the quiz creator knows ab that race. You are assuming certain races will choose certain sports and I KNOW THAT smart question was about the Asian Americans. Not hating or anything but still not a good subject to screw up.
9 days ago
I’m a white Latina not even close to Asian or black Idk how they getting this from my hight, smarts, and wether I like sports or not. It was still fun I guess I don’t really take quizzes like this seriously but still I’m a little confused on how they get the results for this.
9 days ago
so it said that i am 40% asian 30% black 20% white and 10% latina. im white and latino lmfao
11 days ago
It said i was 50% white 20% african american 10%asian 10 10%canadian and 10%latino howdo get that if am black white indian and irish!!!!!!
13 days ago
i voted hillary clinton
13 days ago
WHAT HE SAID ????????????
13 days ago
this quiz was legit very bad LOL ROFLCOPTERING
16 days ago
I'm white and I got asian lol
17 days ago
i got 30% white, 20% asian, 20% latina, 20% black, 10% canadian (??), i mean, i am 50/50 white and latina...
there were so many questions i couldn’t answer right, i have no siblings but there was no option for that, i’d probably be the average height for a woman, but there was no option for that...
also was the “pretty athletic and a good jumper” supposed to be a joke about wall jumper/ immigrant latinos?? i do hope it wasn’t. so many racial stereotypes in this quiz so it’s not unlikely. i just wanted to see if someone could guess my race since i’ve gotten many different answers.
19 days ago
Lol it say I am 40 black 30 white 10 asian and 10 Canadian. I’m actually mixed black and white. They got it so wrong 😝
21 days ago
I'm latina and i got asian (ಥ _ ಥ)
23 days ago
We are as smart, camila!
24 days ago
lol. it says im asain and only 10% latina . im latina that loves asain culture and calling asians smart as a ¨joke¨ is actually pretty racist.
32 days ago
Same here HmmMMm, lol!!!!
32 days ago
latina and got african american
33 days ago
I could living rich with my family right now. But that's all right cause i'm gone tell them about it when i grow up. and i was so sad that my dad died, but i couldn't even go to his funeral
33 days ago
Bro if you read this story tell the whole social media, so they can know i'm gone see them. Now i'm living with the hill family right now. My uncle even said i look like nipsey hussle but he don't know he ain't my uncle, i got my test results but my real family wasn't on there. I was born november 9, 2008. this a 🦄ed up world.