Your life as a princess - The Quiz

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You were born a princess that you cannot control. But who are you really? An adventurer? A fashionista? A Rebel? Or a bookworm? And what happens when you're faced with some of the most important choices you will ever make?

  • 1
    Alllllllrighty let's get started!
  • 2
    Role play time! you're lounging around your garden when you notice one of the stable boys cautious slipping out the back. Do you follow him?
  • 3
    You've been following him for a while now, and he seems to be headed to the forest do you head back?

  • 4
    You follow him deeper into the forest when suddenly he whirls around. "Hello your Highness." he says with an mischievous glint in his eye. "I Confess I didn't expect this to work." Two large men appear from behind the trees and restrain you.
  • 5
    The ruffians lead you to a abandoned shack in the woods. And lock you in. What now?
  • 6
    You were unable to escape. And the next morning you awake to someone shaking you. "Get up we're moving again." the boy says. "You didn't expect us to wait for your Father to get here? Did you?"

  • 7
    You walking down a steep incline and trip. As you brace yourself for the fall someone catches you. You look up into a pair of concerned green eyes. "Are you alright?" the boy asks. You almost tumble back down the hill at that last remark. Since when did he start caring about you?
  • 8
    When you stop for the night you realize you haven't gone pee all day...........and you really have to.
  • 9
    The boy leads you away from the campfire and you use the rest room behind a bush. On the way back you find yourself striking up a conversation. After talking for awhile you ask what's your Name? Call me Alex he says with a grin. And before you know it he is leaning in for a kiss. Do you kiss him?
  • 10
    The next morning Your camp out is raided by the kings men! You're rescued! But this means Alex will hang. Feel any remorse?

  • 11
    Your Father is so happy to see you he throws a Ball in your honor. What do you wear?
  • 12
    At the ball a handsome prince introduces himself as Eric, he also asks you to dance. Do you accept?
  • 13
    Later that night you find yourself walking in the garden with Prince Eric. He leans in for a kiss, Do you?
  • 14
    The next morning your father comes to talk to you he has arranged a marriage for you......... with Eric.
  • 15
    It's your wedding day! Do you run away at the altar? Or wed your perfect prince?
  • 16
    I've got some space to fill..... Favorite animal? (Out of these)

  • 17
    Describe yourself in three words
  • 18
    Favorite pass times?
  • 19
    I'm so so sorry this was so long. It's my first Quiz ok! Seriously though please don't hurt me.
  • 20
    And now let fate decide! DUN DUN DUUUUUN!

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1321 days ago
A few years later and I still love this quiz 💚 Thanks creator!
1626 days ago
Idk how to be honest at tests emymore
2023 days ago
Cool quiz!!! And i love the name elise! (cause it's similar to my own name). And i like the result i got! And the different results are great because it tell more of the story. Brilliant! Thanks! :-)
2290 days ago
hate it... :p i like prince eric but the quiz says that i like alex (i dont know who is alex). It says that i have babies girl named elise and ERIC...