Raul's Personality Quiz!
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Raul's Personality Quiz!

Question 1:If given the choice where would you live?
Seattle, WA
Athens, GA
New Rockford, ND
Santa Monica, CA

Question 2:If you bought an instrument what would it be?
Drum Set
Turn Tables

Question 3:You go and buy a Shirt, what color is it?

Question 4:Of these, what would you do in your free time?
Go Drive Around
Sleep and Lay Around The House
Make or Write Something Creative
Play Video Games

Question 5:The kind of Music of these you last had in your CD player?
Death/Techno Metal

Question 6:What do you eat on your Ice Cream?
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Peanut Butter

Question 7:What you wear on your feet in the summer?
Same as the Rest of the Year
Big Black Lace-Up Boots(With Tube-Socks and 3/4 Shorts)
No Shoes

Question 8:You get a pet fish and you name it?
Little Willy
Mr. Pickles
That little thing over there in the bowl

Question 9:You get a free sample of laundry detergent in the mail, you?
Use it
Throw it in the trash
Take it outside and throw it at a passing car
Give it to the bum on the corner

Question 10:What is an incubus?
The type of waterfall that falls into another waterfall
The evil spirit that causes nightmares
A vegetable in the cucumber family
The ghost of a cat that haunts the great pyramids

Question 11:You tear a hole in your pants, what do you do?
Sew them back together with a plaid patch
Throw them away and buy new ones
Safety Pin them together
Nothing, wear them as they are

Question 12:You get thirsty so of these what do you drink?
Hot Lemonaid
Green Tea
Ice Water
Grapefruit Juice

Question 13:What is Element 101?
A Band

Question 14:There's a school dance, you?
Go to the dance and dance
Go to the dance and make fun of the people dancing
Drive my the dance laughing while drinking the night away
Don't even realize there is a dance and drink yourself dumb

Question 15:You break a guitar string and have none to replace it, (Living in New Rockford)you?
Do nothing and wait until you get out off town to get some
Do nothing because you can't play guitar anyway
Steal one off your friends guitar when they are not looking
Drop everything you are doing, get in your car and drive hours to get some immediately

Question 16:What kind of movies do you like the best?
Old Sci-Fi

Question 17:Which of these do you like the most?

Question 18:How many windows do you have in your bedroom?
None or None If You Could Help It

Question 19:If you could live in any of these places which would you live in?
A Castle in Europe
A nice hotel in Paris
An apartment above a second-hand store
Couch surfing from house to house

Question 20:You are shopping on the web, you buy?
A plaster replica of a human skull
Glow sticks by the gross
Used bowling shoes
A gothic flask

This Quiz has been designed by Jeremy Bichler.