What anormia character are YOU?
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What anormia character are YOU?

You know the drill, greetz to cutter for the idea.

Question 1:Schmoozing, kissing ass, whatever you want to call it. Would you do it?
If it betters my position in society, why yes.
That's quite immature, and not a good way to make first impressions.
Rarely am I ever around anyone, so I wouldn't have the opportunity.
I would have to analyze the individual situation, and then decide.

Question 2:Oooh! A machine! Would you mess around with it?
If it would be of some assistance to me, then yes.
It's technology, of course I'd screw around with it.
I don't have much use for technology, I make my living on the street, day by day.
I could help someone with it, then I would.

Question 3:Are you an introvert, or an extrovert?
I am both, I act differently around different crowds.
I am utterly introverted.
I talk to anyone, because I am in need of company.
I am utterly extroverted.

Question 4:What weapon would you use in a fight?
Mystic Arts
Technology of sorts
A knife.
I'm not sure. Whatever my supervisors give me.

Question 5:Do you have a psychiatric disorder?
I'm paranoid.
I don't have one of the ones listed, or maybe none at all.
I'm constantly depressed.
I'm schizophrenic.

Question 6:Does the end justify the means?
Of course.
In some situations.
No, unless you must use those means to survive.
Not whatsoever.

Question 7:Do you adapt to others personalities?
No, I have no need to change myself to be like others, I am perfect.
There's no point to it.
I have to, or I don't fit in.
I pick up helpful parts of others personalities.

Question 8:Do you make a fool out of yourself a lot?
No, I am quite motivational.
No, I rarely open my mouth.
Yeah, it's not my fault though!
Food? I make food out of myself? What now?

Question 9:Do you stand out?
Yes, I'm very important.
Yes, I rebel with my dress code.
No, I fit in, I'm a conformist.
I'm somewhere in the middle, I'm normal.

Question 10:What's your goal in life?
To bring peace to the world, even if it means great violence.
To be honorable and just in everything I do.
To make it through today, and on to tomorrow, and then repeat.
To bring peace to the world, with as little violence as possible.

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