Are you a stalker?
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Are you a stalker?

Do you follow and stalk people, or let them have their space? Find out if you are a *true* stalker, or just another person that does nothing about anything...

Question 1:   Do you consider yourself a stalker?
Oh, of course! If I wasn't taking this quiz, I'd be out somewhere with a camera!
I guess I talk to people a lot...
No, isn't that dangerous?

Question 2:   You're 'out on the town,' and there's NOTHING BUT hot guys/girls! What do you do?
Keep my lust to myself
Follow as many as I can, until they get suspicious or until I lose them.
Stare at them as they walk by, and stare at them until they get out of sight

Question 3:   When you go out on the town, what do you use your video camera for(if you don't have one, what would you use it for)?
A mixture of the people I went with, making sure they is something interesting in the background
The people I went with
Every hot guy/girl, or every fight, etc, etc....NOTHING ELSE!

Question 4:   What do your friends & other people call you?
The Stalker
The shy one
The chatter-er

Question 5:   Your favorite singer/band-member/etc walks right past you after a concert...What do you do?
Watch him/her walk past in awe
Go up, shrieking, and ask for an aughtograph, and then try to follow him/her, but decide not to
Tackle him/her, or follow them until they lose you or you get caught by security

Question 6:   If someone breaks up with or dumps you, what do you do afterwards?
Try to get back together by a phone-call
Track him/her down and follow them until they take you back
Let them be--obviously they didn't want you around

Question 7:   Favorite color?
Black, Grey, purple
Blue, red, green
Yellow, white, orange

Question 8:   When you like someone(as a friend or otherwise), what do you do to let them know?
Talk to them as much as I can, or simply tell them how I feel
Talk to them only when they talk to me
Stalk them, of course!

Question 9:   Which of the following bands sound most interesting?
Merciful Fate
Kill Hannah

Question 10:   LAST QUESTION! Which of the following birds do you think is best?
A swan
A parrot
A hawk

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