What Is My Destiny? Quiz

It's a completely irresistible idea, isn't it? I mean, who DOESN'T want to know their destiny? Answer: Nobody I know! Well, now you can find out! Just take my 10-question quiz now and get ready for what you learn about your future! Hope you enjoy the test! P.S.: This is just for fun, but it's never a bad idea to buy an occasional lottery ticket!

  • 1
    Which do you prefer?
  • 2
    Which do you eat more?
  • 3
    Your farts smell:

  • 4
    Which would you deal with best?
  • 5
    Have you made mistakes?
  • 6
    You'd be most comfortable living in?
    You'd be most comfortable living in?

  • 7
    Of these, the music you prefer is:
  • 8
    If I played AFL, you would be:
  • 9
    In bed, you most enjoy with women:
  • 10
    Which do you prefer?

Comments (31)


1998 days ago
Denial campbell mine too I hate farming
2004 days ago
I'm a GIRL!!!!!!! I THUOGHT THIS TEST WAS FOR BOTH GENDERS!!!!!!!!! (im a kid)
2006 days ago
Oh my god, I HATE this my test said I will end up on a farm growing crops that don't go and my wife would leave me and I would end up humping a SHEEP. don't laugh it's NOT funny that is not my destiny 😡
2031 days ago
So aparently females existing & coming across these quizzes is not an occurance worth contemplaing?... Lol ~I rate one blind pig for ignorant & .😁
2040 days ago
this aint a destiny !!
2238 days ago
This is garbage Im not marrying a whale
2517 days ago
prediction is totally wrong and told little about destiny
2534 days ago
I'm a girl Give another option in question 9
2544 days ago
What the heck, this has very BAD predictions...
2570 days ago
tbh on #7 neither. but this test was really fun.
2615 days ago