Let Me Predict Your Future! (Just For Fun)

Try my quiz right now and I will predict your awesome (or hopefully not awful) future! Not sure you want to know what will happen? Come on, now, it's only for fun! Now, where's my crystal ball...wait, let me dust it off. OK, I am ready to tell you your future, once you answer the questions!

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    Which of these personalities is closest to yours?
    Which of these personalities is closest to yours?

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8 days ago
haha I will be a billionaire .But I will die at 45 years because of junk foods
68 days ago
same i don't even like smoking or drinking
78 days ago
I will be a millionaire 0-0, and I will die at the age of 60 due to smoking and drinking too much.
87 days ago
I will die at age 60 because of smoking and drinking too much
100 days ago
i die of mysterious virus is it covid
103 days ago
I will die at 60 because alcool and fumer
118 days ago
fun but doubtful i will die at 90 old age lol
137 days ago
137 days ago
i die at age 46 bc of too much kfc? 🐬-
147 days ago
I die at age 60? From drinking and smoking????? I already said no to drinking and I will NEVER smoke; But cool quiz lol
149 days ago
yippee I die at age 90 from a car accident
149 days ago
srsly dying from too much KFC at 45? not gonna happen im telling you
158 days ago
i want twins so yayyy
164 days ago
why is things not working well for me
170 days ago
I want to know if I will be accepted to that University I have been applying for since the result will be posted soon in few days time.
176 days ago
I would like to know about my future, please.
187 days ago
I want to know about my future.
197 days ago
The picture is getting clearer....OK, I see it! You will be a millionaire. You will make $1,000,000 a year or more. You will live in a mansion of about 9,000 square feet. You will have three kids. Your cars will be a Range Rover, a Lamborghini and an Aston Martin. You will die at age 60 from smoking and drinking too much.

Oh my god, my crazy crystal ball shatters, Scotty beam me up.
Don't like what my crazy crystal ball foretold for you? No worries! This was just for fun. YOU CONTROL YOUR FUTURE! So make the most of it! Good luck!

The heck ?.
216 days ago
Dying at 60 from smoking and drugs? Haha. I am the biggest goody toe shoes on the planet! But I enjoyed this quiz lots so thank you 👍
221 days ago
Is this true I'm not going to die early 🤣🙈