What will you be reincarnated as?
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What will you be reincarnated as?

There are thousands of people on earth who truly believe that bad boys and girls will be reborn as plants! If you have good Karma (that is, if you are a nice, warm-hearted person) you have a chance at coming back as something better, like an millionaire, and emperor, or even a god! What does your next life have in store for you? Take this test to find out!

Question 1:You are walking with a friend in a dark alley at night and two muggers jump out, brutally beat your friend, and take all of his money. Do you:
Chase after the muggers to get your friend's money back?
Chase after the muggers to beat the living hell out of them?
Kneel by your friend's side and tend to his wounds?
Scream for the police to come help you?

Question 2:You piss off your parents and they kick you out of the house and lock the doors. You:
Beat on the door and scream bloody murder, crying like a baby for them to let you back in.
Slip your hands in your pockets and walk down the road, trying to think of a place to stay for the night.
Attempt to break into the house, to get some of your stuff that you want to take with you wherever you end up.
Attempt to break into the house, to break everything your parents own then kill them in thier sleep, those fucking bastards.

Question 3:You step outside one morning and a boy in a courderoy hat throws a rock at your face. Just then a big gust of wind comes up and blows his hat away. It lands on your doorstep. You:
Say 'Here, you dropped these' and throw the hat and the rock at his head.
Think what a little shit he is, and turn around to go back inside where you are safe.
Pick up his hat, hand it gently to him, and say 'Good Morning,' then return to your porch.
Beat the living tar out of the mean little bastard!!

Question 4:If you had to pick a super-human ability, you would:
Be able to heal any wound by laying your hands on a person's skin.
Be able to control people's minds and dictate their thoughts.
Be able to fly whenever you wanted to.
Be able to shoot streams of deadly fire from your eyes.

Question 5:It is wrong to steal because:
If you steal and get caught you will go to jail.
You shouldn't waste your time on such little crimes. Torture an infant already!
Someone will suffer if you take something which they have worked to earn.
It's wrong to steal?

Question 6:If you and a friend were stuck on a desert island, starving to death, and your friend died, would you eat the corpse?
No, that's disgusting!!! My friend deserves a respectful burial.
Only if I can smear around the organs first.
Yes -- I'm starving, dude!! Sucks to respect, I've got to eat SOMETHING!
Yes -- it wouldn't bother me to eat a lifeless form, because I know the spirit is gone.

Question 7:What is the meaning of life?
I don't know and I don't care.
To leave as much love behind as possible.
To mutilate as many small animals as possible in 75-or-so years.
To have good fun, good parties, good beer, and good sex!

Question 8:Should God be feared?
Yes -- He is angry, He is a jerk, and He is all-powerful. Run for your lives!
Yes -- but only if you are a sinner, which you most likely are, haha!
No -- any god or divine force most likely is naturally good and peaceful.
No -- sucks to God, I'm a sick fuck and He has yet to strike ME down with lightning!

Question 9:When you are alone, what do you most often do?
Think about the universe and marvel at how beautiful it all is.
Think about how much you would rather be with your friends.
Think about something happy to distract you from your boredom.
Think about how much you would rather be kicking over headstones in a graveyard.

Question 10:Your doctor tells you you have a terminal illness. You:
You throw a temper tantrum and smash up the doctor's office.
You begin planning your suicide mission involving TNT and the Whitehouse.
You fall to the floor and cry.
Stand up, shake the doctor's hand, and thank him for his help.

Question 11:You are a guy and your girlfriend is crying. Do you:
Hold her, try to comfort her and ask what is wrong?
Smack her and tell her if she doesn't shut up you will *really* give her something to cry about.
Leave the room quietly to escape her whines?
Start crying yourself.

Question 12:Your goldfish dies. Do you:
Flush it.
Bury it.
Trash it.
Eat it.

Question 13:Your friend is unhappy with his life and wants to commit suicide but is too chicken to do it himself. He hands you a gun and asks you to pull the trigger. You say:
'Well ok. I love you man, and this is tough for me, but I can't stand to see you in pain.'
'You want me to kill you? Hmmm..... that depends. Am I in your will?'
'SWFFFFFFEEET! Can I shoot off your limbs individually??'
'I would rather live in eternal torture than let you die at my hand.'

Question 14:You win a trip to anywhere in the world! (lucky you!) Where do you go?
To France -- to see the pretty landscapes and to party in Paris!
To Thailand -- there are more hookers on one *streetcorner* in Bangkok than there are in all of Las Vegas!
To Turkey -- it's legal to stab someone if it's below the waist!
To India -- to buy food and clothing for all the starving little children.

Question 15:You pass a blind man in the street with a cup, asking for spare change. You:
Give him all the money in your pockets.
Toss him a few coins.
Reach your hand in the cup and rob him blind.... no pun intended.
Forget reaching into the cup -- put the sucker out of his misery, kill him and take his clothes, teh money...AND that damn cup!

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