When you will die? Tomorrow? A year? Never?
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When you will die? Tomorrow? A year? Never?

Take this quiz, answer honestly, and find out when your life will end! Or will it...?

Question 1:A punk pulls a gun out on you and demands your money. Do you:
Give him your wallet and beg him not to kill you...
Take his gun and steal HIS money, the jerk deserves it!!!
Play dead.
Grin at him and flip him off.

Question 2:God parts the clouds and asks you if you'd like to go to heaven. You say:
Oh, Lord, I'm honored, but I'd like to stay on earth a bit longer...
Actually, I'm Satanist.
Uhhhh, lemme think....... Is there chicks?
No, you freak! I got a date tonight!

Question 3:Your parents ground you. You:
Look them in the eye and say FINE! and storm off to your room.
Smirk at them and tell them you stole 20$ from their wallets.
Roll your eyes.
Beg for forgiveness on your knees, confessing you totaled the car.

Question 4:Your girlfriend finds you in bed with another girl. You say:
Hey! You're home early.....
Three is better then two! C'mon in!
Hey! Did you know I just had four bottles of vodka?
Oh, this is your sister?

Question 5:You go on a new diet. It contains:
Potato chips, Soda, pizza, and beer!
Dirt, worms, butterflies, and beetles.
Actually, I've decided not to eat at all.
Healthy foods and drinks.

Question 6:You see your friend about to be eaten by a shark. You:
Jump in the water and tease the shark, stupid thing.
Grin and remind your friend he owes you money.
Go out on a boat and stick your hand in the water.
Scream for him not to move while you get help.

Question 7:An alien grabs you and says 'Take me to your leader.' You:
Stick your tongue out at it.
Ask if its free tonight.
Punch it in the face, the jerk!!!!
Grin at it and say 'Here I am....'

Question 8:You get a call late at night, saying you're in mortal danger. You:
Go back to bed, forgetting to lock your doors.
Call back and threaten to sue the guy for calling you so late.
Jump in your car and drive to your cousin's house to escape!

Question 9:You're speeding down a highway when you see a red light. You:
Try to slow down as best you can to not run it.
Stick your head out the window and shout 'Get outta the way!'
Go faster to impress your friends.
Swerve to the left, straight into traffic.

Question 10:You see a old high-school geek running around shooting everyone. He looks at you and points the gun to your head cuz you were mean to him. You:
Tell him you're very, very, very, very sorry.
Say 'Shouldn't you be studying?'
Laugh at how pathetic he has become.
Tell him to chill out.

Question 11:Yikes! You're in front of three man-eating lions! What will you do?
Pet one.
Climb the nearest tree you can find and pray for God to spare you!
Remember you have meat in your pockets and grin nervously.
Scream bloody murder.

Question 12:You find a knife in your kitchen. You:
Decided to practice your knife-throwing skills.
Realize you need a haircut.
Try to stick it down your throat, like in the circus!
Carefully put it in a safe place and tell your mom about it.

Question 13:You go to look at the Grand Canyon. You see the beautiful view and:
Realize how stupid you are compared to this and jump off.
Wonder how you got here and decide to explore that big hole.
Try out your new flying power! HAHAHAHA!
Cry at all the wondrous creation of God.

Question 14:You see a fork lying next to a plug. You:
Pick up the fork and find something to eat with it.
Grab the fork and shove it in the plug.
Grab the fork and shove it in the plug with your foot.
Pick up the fork, throw it away, and stick you finger in the plug.

Question 15:The cops find you smoking crack. You:
(Okay, bub, first of all, I'd never smoke crack, so I wouldn't be in trouble anyway.)
Grin and say 'Lose weight, tubby.'
Inform them that its not crack, its pencil shavings, idiot!
Play dead.

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