Are You a Psychopathic Serialkiller Stooge?
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Are You a Psychopathic Serialkiller Stooge?

Nutcase, weirdo, freak, scary, stupid. Any of these words ring a bell? YOUR bell, mayhaps? This could be your kind of test, then. Ready to go? Me, too.

Question 1:Ever think about your friends back at the place with the padded walls?
(I am backing away slowly now, for fear of my safety...)
All the time!!! Wow, this sure brings back memories...
Padded walls? It's the jail cells I'm worried about!!!
No, but me and my new, imaginary friends are having a BLAST!!!

Question 2:When your mom or whoever asks you to chop cucumbers for tonight's salad, what do you think of?
Ewww! Cucumbers? Grody!!!
Why can't we ever have a dish from my native planet?
I just LOVE cutting into the skin and playing with the pieces!

Question 3:Which do you absolutely LOVE about the zoo?
The zoo's for kids!
THE ZOO IS EVIIILLL!!! EVIIILLL, I SAY!!! No one can make me go! The elephants will suck my brain out of my skull through its trunk!!!
Buying cotton candy... BY THE POUND!!!
Which way to the monkeys? I can't wait to visit my Nana Banana!

Question 4:Your little sister found a painting you did. What would they most likely ask?
They'd want me to help them create a masterpiece of their own. After all, what are big brother/sisters for?
Who are the people in white coats and what's that white jacket for? It doesn't have any arm holes!
Nothing. They'd go tell on me for putting all the blood in the picture.
Why is the grass purple and the trees orange?

Question 5:Do you have an alarm clock?
Yes. But I don't like it. It wakes me up.
I took it apart and threw it on the floor, along with all my other Barbie limbs and inside-out G.I. Joe heads.
No one's showed me how to set it, yet.

Question 6:Do you like salsa with your chips?
Mild, please.
NO FRIGGIN WAAAY!!! SALSA IS RADIOACTIVE!!! If you eat it, the aliens will read your mind!
Only if it looks like blood.
Yes, but for some reason it keeps burning my mouth. How do I make it stop?

Question 7:Do you have any enemies?
Just like everyone else, my parents.
WHAT'S WITH THE THIRD DEGREE?!?! (The voices in my head are getting upset with all the questions!)
My victims' friends and family.
Sometimes my imaginary friends won't play with me.

Question 8:QUACK!
You stole my signature saying! You say QUACK? I SAY MOO!
Duck season!
Do ducks have hair? Can they lick their toes? Do they have toes?

Question 9:Do you have the time?
Let me check my watch...
Sure I've got time! Lot's and lot's and lot's....
Diddy dee do LA LA LA... huh?

Question 10:What's your absolute FAVORITE song?
Air Force Ones by Nelly
Aerials by System of A Down
I'm a Slave 4 U by Britney Spears
I Love You by Barney and Friends

Question 11:What question is this?
8 or 9

Question 12:If you could change your name what would it be?
I wouldn't change it. I like my name.
Something foreign like Anastacia or Wolfgang.
A name that would be so intense no one could pronounce it. Not even ME!
A plain name like Fran or Ned.

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