Are You A Psychotic Killer?
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Are You A Psychotic Killer?

Just answer yes or no, and this test can tell you if you should be locked away forever to keep you from killing everyone!

Question 1:You require more than three gun racks.
Question 2:All the clerks at the local hunting supply stores know you on a first-name basis.
Question 3:Ditto with the people at the local shooting range.
Question 4:You learned how to operate a chainsaw before the age of twelve, but have never chopped down a tree in your life.
Question 5:You own many hockey masks – the traditional white one, the black one for stealth work, and several decorated so that they look especially maniacal.
Question 6:When you buy clothes you consider things like how well blood will wash out of them, how flammable they are, whether they will be easy to hide weapons under, etc.
Question 7:Whenever you’re grinning, people start edging away and avoid making eye contact.
Question 8:You had to move because there weren’t any more places to bury the bodies in your old backyard. It wasn’t the first time this had happened.
Question 9:You laugh during the goriest parts of horror movies, then lean over to someone sitting next to you and point out the flaws in the killer’s technique.
Question 10:You used to have a signature style when killing people, but got bored after doing about 20 killings that way and have since changed your method. This has happened several times.
Question 11:You collect pickled body parts.
Question 12:You have names for all of your weapons. Including the knives in your kitchen, which have never killed anything but vegetables and the odd steak or pork chop but might one day graduate to being full-fledged weapons.
Question 13:People often comment on how your laugh resembles Doctor Evil’s insane cackle.
Question 14:The one thing you never leave your house without is a weapon.
Question 15:You find fire erotic. The bigger the fire the better.
Question 16:Your favorite place to take walks is a cemetery.
Question 17:Whenever you go walking through aforesaid cemetery you can easily point out at least three-dozen graves that you filled.
Question 18:Everyone who’s ever pissed you off has died in unlikely ‘accidents’. Including the kid who stole your animal crackers in preschool.
Question 19:Whenever you pick up an item that most people would consider totally harmless (a book, for example, or a shirt) you can think of at least ten ways in which you could use it as a murder weapon. And you’ve already done several of them.
Question 20:Jack the Ripper is your idol. Hannibal Lector is a close second. And your first childhood crush was Jason (if you’re a guy, Carrie).
Question 21:Your two favorite colours are black and blood red. You probably also like green.
Question 22:The sweetest sound you have ever heard is the sound of children screaming in terror.
Question 23:You often wish that your natural killing apparatus were more varied – using your hands is nice, but it would be better if you had razor-sharp claws or could breathe fire.
Question 24:When you’re out in public, you tend to look for possible victims.
Question 25:The smell of blood is like perfume to you. Actually, you've tried to harness the exact scent to wear as a perfume (and succeeded).
Question 26:Your dream is being given millions of victims to slaughter.
Question 27:You think that the Mayan priests had the best job in the world – killing people for sacrifices by cutting their hearts out, burning them alive, and by so many other wonderful methods.
Question 28:You think of yourself as a modern-day Mayan priest.
Question 29:You have no very close friends. Possibly because you ended up killing them all.
Question 30:You practice self-mutilation rituals just for the fun of it.
Question 31:You have mafia connections, and they often ask you to whack someone for them so that it doesn’t look like an inside job. You're always happy to oblige.
Question 32:When filling out forms that ask for the name of your spouse, you often put the name of your favorite gun / other weapon.
Question 33:You actually have to think about it pretty hard to remember exactly how many people you’ve killed. Sometimes you have to check the scratches on your wall to make sure.
Question 34:It takes more than ten minutes to count all of the scratches on the wall.
Question 35:Whenever you meet new people the first thing you decide about them is how you would like to kill them. You often follow through.
Question 36:You were expelled from more than one school as a kid for having concealed weapons either in your locker or on your person. The first time this happened you were still in kindergarten.
Question 37:The first word that comes to mind in word-association tests always has to do with death and killing (or fire). It doesn’t matter what the word you’re given is.
Question 38:You consider the serial killers you read about in newspapers to be ‘amateurs’.
Question 39:The same goes for terrorists and suicide bombers.
Question 40:In grade seven your final science project was a homemade flamethrower.
Question 41:It was nearly as good as the new and improved pipe bomb you made a year later for your grade eight science project.
Question 42:Your least favorite chore is cleaning the blood out of the trunk of your car. Bloodstains are so stubborn!
Question 43:You’ve never taken a med-course in your life, but you know more about the human anatomical structure than most doctors.
Question 44:You dream about killing people, then wake up with blood on your hands that wasn’t there when you went to sleep.
Question 45:You believe that everyone is equal; therefore everyone deserves to be killed. By you.
Question 46:You’re not afraid of being caught any more, because after what happened last time every cop on the force is terrified of you.
Question 47:Everyone who knows you is secretly afraid of you; you can smell their fear.
Question 48:You one day intend to kill them all.

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