The psychotic retard test
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The psychotic retard test

Are you a complete psycho? Or are you just in need of a brain transplant?

Question 1:Are you inhuman?
Question 2:Were you a king or priestess in your past life?
Question 3:Do you wish you were a hamster?
Question 4:Do you wish you were Matthew Broderick? (Aka Ferris Bueller)
Question 5:IS your mother a smurf?
Question 6:Are you a smurf?
Question 7:Ever wanted to be a smurf?
Question 8:Ever wanted to be a weatherman?
Question 9:Have you ever tried to chat with yourself?
Question 10:Do you talk to yourself?
Question 11:Do you answer yourself?
Question 12:Do you have voices in your head?
Question 13:Do they tell you what to do?
Question 14:Do you obey them?
Question 15:Do you talk to them?
Question 16:Do they talk back?
Question 17:Do you have secret desires to kill your neighbour?
Question 18:Does he/she have secret desires to kill you?
Question 19:Do you have secret desires to kill yourself?
Question 20:Have you ever tried?
Question 21:Ever drank pine sol or another similar kitchen cleaner?
Question 22:Ever poison some one else's drink with it?
Question 23:Ever spit in some one else's drink?
Question 24:has any one ever spit in your drink?
Question 25:have you ever overdosed on anything?
Question 26:Ever overdosed on narcotics?
Question 27:Ever experimented with narcotics?
Question 28:Do people laugh at you?
Question 29:Do you laugh at people? (when they get into accidents, have surgery, etc.)
Question 30:Last of all, do you think most people live normal lives?

This Quiz has been designed by Rikku80sFreak.