Are you a complete Psycho?
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Are you a complete Psycho?

These questions will determine if you are!

Question 1:Have you ever purposely put silverware in the microwave?
Question 2:Have you ever put any type of aerosol spray in the microwave?
Question 3:Do you believe that the creation of the Microwave oven proves the non existence of god?
Question 4:Have you ever killed someone?
Question 5:Do you kill things when you get bored?
Question 6:have you ever tried to kill yourself?
Question 7:Have you ever been in love with yourself?
Question 8:Do you refuse to believe in anything but yourself?
Question 9:Have you ever been cow tipping?
Question 10:Have you ever killed an entire herd of cows within ten minutes or less?
Question 11:Have you ever chased some one with a butcher knife?
Question 12:Has anyone ever chased you with a butcher knife?
Question 13:Did you like it?
Question 14:have you ever tried to hire a hitman to whack you?
Question 15:Have you ever hired a hitman to whack a friend?
Question 16:Have you ever shoplifted a grape or any other small object from the produce aisle?
Question 17:Have you ever licked the mirror?
Question 18:Did it lick you back?
Question 19:Have you ever used your tongue to type?
Question 20:Have you ever used your toes?
Question 21:Have you ever bitten someone?
Question 22:Did you get rabies?
Question 23:Did they get rabies?
Question 24:Are you a vampire?
Question 25:Do you want to be a vampire?
Question 26:Are you dead?
Question 27:Do you wish you were dead?
Question 28:Are you inhuman?
Question 29:Do you believe in killing off the weak to further evolution?
Question 30:Do you think killing is good anyway? OR Are you afraid to see your test results? (you can answer either question)

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