Are you a psychic?

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Wanna know if you are a psychic? Take this quiz and find out.---- 100% written by a psychic.You can email me if you want to know more.

  • 1
    Can you see something out of the corner of your eyes?
  • 2
    Can you hear someone talking to you, but when you turn your head, there is nothing there.
  • 3
    Did you ever feel sudden part of the body is very pain when you walk to a place?

  • 4
    Do you feel some kind of energy coming in and out of your hand, like you are totally controlling it?
  • 5
    Did you go to a place and you thought that you had went there before.
  • 6
    Do you place your hand on a sudden part of the body to ease a pain?

  • 7
    Did you connect with a spirit source before?
  • 8
    Do you feel connected to an animal?
  • 9
    Can you see colors on a people's bodies?
  • 10
    Did you ever think of something and the thing really happened, like you thought it would be?

Comments (23)


341 days ago
It says im psychic but i cant seem to do anything to control it. I sometimes think i see spirits but they never say anything and i cant contact them. I need toi find an onling course to help me. anyone know a website that can help me.
587 days ago
Also glittercorn @08
I'll be your friend
587 days ago
I'm a psychic!!!!! Yay
703 days ago
I am fully psychic. I am 10 years old but if i look in your eyes sometimes i can tell if your a bad person. If i cant well, i cant tell. I have visions of the future in my dreams and they happen. One time i dreamed of getting a hamster and i got one! And other things too. I loved this quiz😜
774 days ago
I am 12years old and apparently have a little bit of Psychic powers I guess. I am a kid so m y spelling is not the best. I have said and have 129 iq. I also have a grey belt in ju jit su. This may be a mis under standing but I am curious.

797 days ago
I want new friends who will, other than my split soul, care for me. Unlike someone who when I cry just looks at me like "ookie you dont ever cry soo idk what to do" but bestie ur amazing ily
824 days ago
Well I guess I am psychic bc when I was little I imagined my dad getting better except his nose(he was in a car wreck) and I woke up the next day to find him better except his nose.Now I just think what people are going to say and they say it so if I am a psychic than I'm not that surprised
872 days ago
l am psychic yay do l have to poop now
1160 days ago
Im psychic, who knows if its for real though.
1264 days ago
Hi Apperantly I am psychic see. You are a psychic, you have special abilities mentioned above. Be confident and believe what you think is correct!EnterYou are a psychic,you have special abilities mentioned above. Be confident and believe what you think is correct.!
1275 days ago
You are a psychic, you have special abilities.But you are not confident to yourself
1358 days ago
YAY! I am a psykick now i can summon demons!
1389 days ago
I'm physic but I hardly believed it.
1414 days ago
I'm psychic
But I'm the Trashman
1452 days ago
Says I'm psychic but I hardly believe it.
1456 days ago
I guess I'm a psychic
1488 days ago
Nope. Didn’t think so. :)
1493 days ago
I won’t judge u then. Appently I am psychic, and the last things happens 2 me every single day. Like, i had a loose baby tooth, and I thought it would fall out at an embarrassing time. Well, I didn’t want it to come true but it did. I was answering a question on Ms. Murkin’s smartboard and it fell out when I wrote the WRONG ANSWER. The next day, at school, I thought the ice cream truck would come by my house, even though it never does. It did, and I found $20 bill on ground, just flying around. But the last one may have been dumb luck. Maybe.
#ilovedickplsdontjudgemewontgetjud ged!
1581 days ago
it says I am psychic omg!
1657 days ago
last question happens almost every day to me