Will You Become a Serial Killer?

Ever wonder if you might snap one day and maybe hurt yourself or someone else - or worse? Find out if you could become a serial killer here, or just get an idea of what MIGHT be wrong with you. IMPORTANT: I am not a professional. Seek help from one if you see anything here that makes you seriously worry about yourself.

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    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)
    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)

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3 days ago
i guess i could 100% become a serial killer....erm.. ive already planned one murder that im going to do, so... 0-0
7 days ago
some of the ppl here are crazy like 0-0
11 days ago
dis fake af i am already a serial killer and it says 40% pffff
13 days ago
some people here really need help. contact a doctor if y'all can
16 days ago
Uhhmm. I got 90% and I am kinda freaked out right now 👀
I don't think I'm that crazy to become a killer right...?
16 days ago
Omg my friends i would be the person who would kill someone and I’m fine with that
17 days ago
wow ok so i got, For 40% you are: You show signs of schizophrenia/other paranoia-related mental health issues. Fear makes people feel threatened and paranoid. If you feel easily threatened, it could cause you to lash out at others. Seek help, just to be on the safe side. and the other day i took the test and got 50 % so yeah.
19 days ago
😻 im getting scared of myself
21 days ago
It says there is a 50% chance and meh friends say I'm a psycho so idk why but the sadest answers were the answers I picked because I truly feel this way sadly 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💀😷 ALSO TO ALL THE KARENS WERE UR MASK WE ALL HAVE TO WERE THEM (Some places in Kansas u don't have to were mask)
22 days ago
help im literally the same except i wouldnt mind killing animal if i could and i also used to act possessed.
24 days ago
i’m complicated. on the one hand, i can’t stand to hurt animals and hurting people is hard too. on the other hand, i have anxiety and depression, and sometimes i go into transes where i can’t see anything and i don’t know what i’m doing. other times, i feel psychotic and like i want to kill someone or myself. it’s really scary and i don’t want to be a serial killer but i can’t seem to control it. help me, please!
30 days ago
let the fun begin 5-15 years from now
30 days ago
I am currently awaiting for myself to get bored of life and I plan on being a serial killer seriously just like ted bundy I’m not being edgy
38 days ago
Baily dont sorry I am insane too
38 days ago
No I caint be a killer well I do hurt lots of people's
43 days ago
I fear people but I am going to be a killer um so if you run into me I will let you go I guess I might get scared tho as long as you don't hurt me then you good :I
(also I might slap or something idk)
44 days ago
You guys don´t even know 💋 a person. Most murders don´t even get solved or even noticed. Imagine how many "accidents" are in reality murders... Poison is a way too. No one needs to be shot or even touched whatsoever to be killed. It´s too 💋 easy to kill a person. And if you want to distroy a life instead of killing one... thats easy too. Internet is a awfull place
46 days ago
I'm having trouble typing sorry
46 days ago
I wanted to do this because i am upsesed with killer and lately lately I've felt like i was being watched by somthing or someone and i feel insane
51 days ago
For 50% you are: You show signs of mania and depression. Extreme sadness can sometimes make people do things they'd never otherwise do...especially loneliness. Deep sadness can cause bitterness, which can degenerate into a very strong desire for revenge at times. Or it could just dull into suicidal thoughts. Both are dangerous and unhealthy! Seek help.