Will You Become a Serial Killer?

Ever wonder if you might snap one day and maybe hurt yourself or someone else - or worse? Find out if you could become a serial killer here, or just get an idea of what MIGHT be wrong with you. IMPORTANT: I am not a professional. Seek help from one if you see anything here that makes you seriously worry about yourself.

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    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)
    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)

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14 hours ago
For 50% you are: You show signs of mania and depression. Extreme sadness can sometimes make people do things they'd never otherwise do...especially loneliness. Deep sadness can cause bitterness, which can degenerate into a very strong desire for revenge at times. Or it could just dull into suicidal thoughts. Both are dangerous and unhealthy! Seek help.

But everyone keeps leaving me * tints my head * I can't do what I want , I can't be gay , I have to marry when I grow older because it's God will...I feel trapped.

So if I kill them it will make no difference..God wouldn't like a disobedient person in the first place . That way we will be together forever and no one have to know ...
2 days ago
Lol, says 70%... rather kill myself then others tbh. I guess that's why I'm getting my CDL. So I can be alone. I dont like humans, i even say that at work and people look at me weird, it's like what? Would you like to be yelled at for a mess up on a burger everyday? I didnt think so.... ITS A 😍 BURGER KAREN.
13 days ago
I got 100 oh mah god help me plz
19 days ago
TeeHee i got 40% and it says im suffering from manic depression...oppsy
21 days ago
My dream has came true-but I BETTER NOT BE A YANDER -sorry if spelled wrong-
21 days ago
I love blood
29 days ago
i had a sad child hood and picked up from my parents the fun of killing things(dads a hunter) i have bi polar disorder and i lack any emotion im loney i dont got anyone to talk to im taking serious therapy
its not helping things might not turn out well
30 days ago
If u got a 80% of below your 💝 fine
31 days ago
It says i got 50% and i need some help because i am unhealthy 🤷‍♀️
32 days ago
send evryone that siad that are plotting/trying to murder/tried to murder/anything with murder to a mental hospital please... 0-0
33 days ago
y’all need help in these comments. reach out to a the🕊 or a doctor. i don’t care if you’re trying to joke around, it’s not funny
36 days ago
omg i got 100% maybe i kill some of my bullys like not that much just 20 of them with poisin or killed them in a locker and then i left maybe dont mess with me.... :]]]
36 days ago
dude i cant wait to kill someone when im older ive been planning to kill my cousin when im older yay i can not wait
36 days ago
it sed 100% >: not 900% pls kill the maker of thes test he or she is sad . o and mak sher to cut < br />his/ her arms off first then the legs i know it is a little nise throw . (: \*_*/
39 days ago
omg I'm at 40% my idol is Jeff the Killer I've tried killing somebody at school I've tried putting bleach in their water they didn't drink it though >:
45 days ago
i guess i could 100% become a serial killer....erm.. ive already planned one murder that im going to do, so... 0-0
48 days ago
some of the ppl here are crazy like 0-0
53 days ago
dis fake af i am already a serial killer and it says 40% pffff
54 days ago
some people here really need help. contact a doctor if y'all can
57 days ago
Uhhmm. I got 90% and I am kinda freaked out right now 👀
I don't think I'm that crazy to become a killer right...?