Will I Become a Serial Killer? Quiz - Test yourself

Ever wonder if you might snap one day and maybe hurt yourself or someone else - or worse? Find out if you could become a serial killer here, or just get an idea of what MIGHT be wrong with you. IMPORTANT: I am not a professional. Seek help from one if you see anything here that makes you seriously worry about yourself.

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    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)
    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)

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12 days ago
Ahh, now I wish this app was around when I was alive!
19 days ago
Half the people pretending they like death and blood and stuff clearly have not yet reached a stage of mental maturity, and are likely under the age of 13.
30 days ago
Will I already know my first victim 😂 64%
53 days ago
Serial Killer is too Professional. Cereal killer would be lol Ah
80 days ago
Which easiest and painless death can you recommend?
86 days ago
I only got 40% which I'm pretty happy with after the last duty advocate i was appointed said my criminal record was highly consistent with that of a serial killer so far.
89 days ago
i usually take this quiz when i get anxiety ab how i will turn out to remind myself that im a good person lol.
92 days ago
Gosh I got 100% I might will kill someone...
Or take revenge...
114 days ago
LOL i didnt know how the text color worked,, embarrassing but whateverrzz
114 days ago
" For 40% you are: You show signs of schizophrenia/other paranoia-related mental health issues. Fear makes people feel threatened and paranoid. If you feel easily threatened, it could cause you to lash out at others. Seek help, just to be on the safe side. "

Took this test for randomz haha but i have been feeling paranoid really often now so idk what to do.
115 days ago
you all in these comments obviously arent actually struggling with feelings of wanted to hurt someone else. you are detatched from reality and probably think being a “yandere” is cute or something
126 days ago
For 50% you are: You show signs of mania and depression. Extreme sadness can sometimes make people do things they'd never otherwise do...especially loneliness. Deep sadness can cause bitterness, which can degenerate into a very strong desire for revenge at times. Or it could just dull into suicidal thoughts. Both are dangerous and unhealthy! Seek help.

But everyone keeps leaving me * tints my head * I can't do what I want , I can't be gay , I have to marry when I grow older because it's God will...I feel trapped.

So if I kill them it will make no difference..God wouldn't like a disobedient person in the first place . That way we will be together forever and no one have to know ...
128 days ago
Lol, says 70%... rather kill myself then others tbh. I guess that's why I'm getting my CDL. So I can be alone. I dont like humans, i even say that at work and people look at me weird, it's like what? Would you like to be yelled at for a mess up on a burger everyday? I didnt think so.... ITS A 🐬 BURGER KAREN.
138 days ago
I got 100 oh mah god help me plz
145 days ago
TeeHee i got 40% and it says im suffering from manic depression...oppsy
146 days ago
My dream has came true-but I BETTER NOT BE A YANDER -sorry if spelled wrong-
147 days ago
I love blood
155 days ago
i had a sad child hood and picked up from my parents the fun of killing things(dads a hunter) i have bi polar disorder and i lack any emotion im loney i dont got anyone to talk to im taking serious therapy
its not helping things might not turn out well
155 days ago
If u got a 80% of below your 🐬 fine
156 days ago
It says i got 50% and i need some help because i am unhealthy 🤷‍♀️