Will I Become a Serial Killer? Quiz - Test yourself

Ever wonder if you might snap one day and maybe hurt yourself or someone else - or worse? Find out if you could become a serial killer here, or just get an idea of what MIGHT be wrong with you. IMPORTANT: I am not a professional. Seek help from one if you see anything here that makes you seriously worry about yourself.

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    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)
    Do you have any DSM-5 diagnoses? (Mental health issues?)

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17 days ago
I feel angry all the time. I don't know why but I want to scold at every living thing on this world. It's like sometimes I love my parents and sometimes I feel like I want to kill them. I don't know, if I will be a serial killer I will kill my parents first.
17 days ago
Pretty surprising, I got 100%
30 days ago
There should be a multi-select option for question 3 lol
39 days ago
I got 50% so I might stab you :D
40 days ago
Some people here literally talking abt actually killing people 😬😬 I'm kinda creeped out now
40 days ago
I got fifty percent tho
40 days ago
@Asher 🍦 😬😤🤯
61 days ago
Dammm I got 90% I hounustly thought I would have got more ever since I was early 13 iv always had thoughts off killing multiple people lol I just wanna get all that Anger out you know. When I'm 22 or 25 I'm gonna start killing people the good think is I live in Australia I'ma move to the outback real easy to get away with murder 😁😁😁
62 days ago
70 days ago
But its either I kill myself or kill someone else.
70 days ago
I thought I'd get a higher score.
70 days ago
I Got:
For 60% you are: You show signs of mania and depression. Extreme sadness can sometimes make people do things they'd never otherwise do...especially loneliness. Deep sadness can cause bitterness, which can degenerate into a very strong desire for revenge at times. Or it could just dull into suicidal thoughts. Both are dangerous and unhealthy! Seek help.
116 days ago
I’m a 99% sometimes I feel like it’s not lying because I feel the need to want to slash someone so bad I have really bad anger issues and sometimes I feel like I want to end up like BTK if any of you guys know who that is if you live in Kansas he grew up in Wichita he killed 10 people and he would put doll masks on the girls faces BTK means bind torture and kill he would go after the people who thought was a threat to him and I feel like a lot of people are threats to me I have also killed animals like frogs birds and cats I have the genes of killers…. And it has not been in my family for over 50 years could just be me but I think I could be like BTK/aka Dennis Rader you guys can google him to see who he is as well he’s now in El Dorado in a prison but I want to send him letters but I don’t know what my mum would think of me sending letters to a serial killer she would think there’s something wrong with me and there is and that’s my story
118 days ago
125 days ago
I got 98% and my brother got 99% we could be killers together called the Serial Twins. We're already planning our first kill for when we're older. I'm going to poison a close friend because they trust us then my bro and I will take him to a lake and go out in a little row boat. Then my bro can shove stones down the boy's throat and then throw him overboard the weight of the rocks will help him go straight to the bottom. We'd go back to the shore and make a sweet little campfire and roast marshmallows like we've been camping. 😁👍
137 days ago
lol i got 30% would kill for revenge
143 days ago
I got 65% and i want to kill yandere for saying they are yandere.
165 days ago
I got 40%.I will kill someone for love of someone else. I'm a yandere and proud k
167 days ago
I would just picture myself gruesomely killing a person and watch them try to scream and run as i go after them as they plead for help, i just think it would be so thrilling to kill someone and the thrill of hiding the body and maybe being put on the news if i don't get caught
173 days ago
I'm not going to be a killer? Well, a "cleaner" maybe, who will send others to work.