What Art Major Are You Most Suited To?
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What Art Major Are You Most Suited To?

Sure, we all like the arts. But if you want to know what art your true destiny is, find out in this quiz!

Question 1:Someone asks you to jump in the mud. You say:
Sorry, but I'd better get home and work.
Are you out of your mind? You are so stupid!
No thanks. I don't want to get dirty.
Sounds like fun!

Question 2:Yay! It's halloween! When you go trick or treating, you are most likely to be found:
Being complimented on your makeup-that you did.
Trying to show off your costume to the opposite sex.
At home, practicing your instrument.
Not eating the candy to watch your figure.

Question 3:If someone was asked to describe you, they would say that you are:
Studious and a tomboy.
Smart and quiet but miserable.
Sensitive, dramatic, and a wild dresser.
Thin and preppy.

Question 4:If your body had to be uncomfortable in some sort of way, you would choose to have:
An itchy outfit.
Hurting feet.
An unreasonably dirty body.
Hurting shoulders/wrists/mouth.

Question 5:You're famous! You worked hard throughout high school to get this arts job! The reason you worked so hard is so that you could:
Have people look at your work and think, "Wow, this person is really talented!"
Be talked about in celebrity gossip mags.
Have a wonderful figure.
Know that thousands of people have your song stuck in their heads.

Question 6:Your favorite thing to do, when you are not doing homework is:
drawing on your pants
listening to music

Question 7:Your college application is short on after-school activities. To fill in the gap, you choose to do:
Drama Club
Future Artists of America

Question 8:Your teachers often complain that you have a habit of:
drawing on your pants.
being hyperactive.
calling out in class.

Question 9:You think you are a:

Question 10:You WANT to be a:

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