The Totally RANDOM Quiz

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TAKE AT OWN RISK... This is quite possibly the most RANDOM quiz you have ever taken. Be strong, Obi-Wan. Eat fish paste. GUITARS!

Now you may begin.

  • 1
    What is the correct way to cook a lobster?
  • 2
    Do you enjoy photography?
  • 3
    A beautiful unicorn named Qwerminschnokkin has just offered to make you Leader of the Nickels! You:

  • 4
    Say the first word that comes to mind when I say this sequence: Ironing board, 42, water bottle, clay jug.
  • 5
    If you knew you were going to be stranded on a deserted island, which person would you want to be there with you?
  • 6
    Do you consider yourself to be gothic?

  • 7
    Do you worship rubber cement glue?
  • 8
    What is your favorite thing to do when you're bored?
  • 9
    Name your brand of toilet paper.
  • 10
    And how do you feel about that?

  • 11
    Are you into BAD BOYS? (And for the guys: are you into BAD GIRLS?)
  • 12
    Are you a ninja?
  • 13
    Which number comes next in this sequence? 2, 4, 6, 8...?
  • 14
    Pen is to paper as paper is to...?
  • 15
    You have two buckets. If one is filled with five gallons, and the second is filled with eight gallons, how many buckets do you have?
  • 16
    If Train A is traveling along the track at 46 mph, and Train B is stopped 200 miles away so the train engineer can go to McDonald's, how long will it take for the engineer to consume two Big Macs and a Coke?

  • 17
    Almost done! Now have you been answering all of the marshmallow questions?
  • 18
    Okay, LAST question: what is your favorite color?

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356 days ago
I loved your quiz and it was super funny