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The Great Random Quiz

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From sports to the bible and back again, this quiz is designed for those who want to see how much they've picked up over the years!

  • 1
    How many Royal Parks are located in London?
  • 2
    Which famous shop would you find in the district of Knightsbridge, London
  • 3
    Which mountains name literally translates to "cold devil"?

  • 4
    Which American Football team plays at FedEx Field?
  • 5
    How many humans were on board Noah's Ark?
  • 6
    What do the initials "J.K" stand for in the author's name "J.K Rowling"?

  • 7
    Which Roman Emperor died at York, England?
  • 8
    Who painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel?
  • 9
    What is the alias of the Batman villain Jonathan Crane?
  • 10
    Greenland, the largest island in the world, is under the jurisdiction of which country?

  • 11
    In which British City did Roger Bannister break the 4 minute mile?
  • 12
    How many James Bond films were released during Ian Flemings lifetime?
  • 13
    In which British City would you find the "Magic Roundabout"?
  • 14
    Taking into account inflation, which is the highest grossing film ever made?
  • 15
    In which capital city would you find the Spanish Steps?
  • 16
    What is the chemical symbol for the element tungsten?

  • 17
    How many years did Nelson Mandela spend in prison?
  • 18
    Where is Henry VIII buried?
  • 19
    What does the German Word "Krankenhaus" translate to in English?
  • 20
    Which country was the first to give women the right to vote?

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