The Worlds Easiest Quiz Ever! Take This Test Now!

After the day/week/month/year you just had, you don't want a quiz that will require you to think very much. You're tired and want to relax, but just watching TV is not enough?

Well, this is the world's easiest quiz, so you should be able to slay it to get a good and easy dose of dopamine! But don't get cocky, you still have to read carefully and use at least a third of your brain!

Have fun with the worlds easiest test ever!

  • 1/10
    2+2, then double that answer, half it twice, add 17, then take away 17. What's the answer?
    2+2, then double that answer, half it twice, add 17, then take away 17. What's the answer?

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I ❤️Ssniperwolf!
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love you SSSniperWolf
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10/10 go Ronaldo suuuiiiiiiiiii
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Hey sssniperwolf my name is de'andrae i watch your videos everyday i hatvegan techer
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10 outta 10 yea! i've got at least averege intellagence!
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like if u failed this u have issues- jk lol but still COMMON SENSE ;-;
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bro common sense peeps
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hey sssniperwolf u rock am a huge fan
am a gamer thanks to your inspiring dhar mann and your videos I see it everyday

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i got one wrong who wants to be friends
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Omg dis don’t make sense I got 10 out of 10 and u get two
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Hey! I'm a softie! :)