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The Random Fact Test

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How well do you know random facts? Do you think you know over half? Test it here! (Test 1)

  • 1
    Hitting your head against the wall for 1 hour burns how many calories? (Please, do not try ๐Ÿ˜ฐ)
  • 2
    7% of American adults believe what statement?
  • 3
    In your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to what?

  • 4
    Heart attacks most commonly happen when?
  • 5
    In 2017, which killed the most people?
  • 6
    How far away can a lions roar be heard?

  • 7
    If these emojis were words, which could be read backwards and forwards? (Ex. mom, dad)
  • 8
    Which was NOT one of the first passengers on a hot air balloon?
  • 9
    Recycling 1 glass jar could?
  • 10
    10-20% of U.S power outages are caused by what?

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