What Reality TV show are you?
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What Reality TV show are you?

Hmmmm... What are you? The challenging and disgusting Fear Factor, or the smart and difficult Mole? Find out in 2 minutes or less (Or double your money back, to a total of 0.00 cents. No personal cheques)

Question 1:Which of these grosses you out the most?
Having to kiss a REALLY ugly person
Bodily Functions (You choose which ones)
Richard Hatch Naked
Patrick, the old guy from Mole, in a Thong

Question 2:Which of these makes you squirm the most?
Dead People
Gelatin (Alas, Poor Katie)

Question 3:Where are you most at home?
In my Bedroom
In my Kitchen
In my Bathroom
Anywhere with a Computer
At the Library

Question 4:What is your education level
Some High School
Finished High School
Vocational/Community College/Apprenticeship

Question 5:Pick a place to spend a month in:
A Swiss Chateau on the Alpes
A campground out in the Rockies
A Beach Spa in the Marquesas
Downtown in a hotel (No cooking, cleaning, etc.)

Question 6:Which of the following elements of a musical score appeals to you the most?
Saxophone Trills
A Percussion Solo (Just for Perc :) )
A strings run
The 'Eye' (The quiet part in the middle)
The end

Question 7:Which Musical appealed to you the most?
Phantom of the Opera
Mama Mia!
The Music Man

Question 8:What of the following would you NEVER do?
Wear a thong in public
Lick my commander's boots clean
Walk down Wall Street in Drag
Do an 'Art Photo shoot' (*KoffPornoKoff*)
Sell my items of clothing at a local market

Question 9:Could you stab someone in the back?
My, no!
If I HAD to
I guess I could...
I do it on a regular basis...

Question 10:(And you thought you could escape this...) Do you? (This is a serious question!)
I'm trying to quit
No, but my friend here does...
What are you implying?
Why? Is it making me fat?

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