Which Fight Club character are you?
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Which Fight Club character are you?

Discover what kind of special and unique snowflake you are and your inner need for self-destruction.

Question 1:What color would you like to be?
Dark red. Like dried blood.
White. Like oblivion.
Ooooh. Cornflower Blue.
Yellow is a happy color!

Question 2:What’s your drug of choice?
Beer. Oh, and Vodka too.
tuinols and secconals (probably spelled them wrong, send your hate mail in haiku form.)
Xanax or some other sedative
What are you talking about you little...jerk!? I drink Starbucks!!!!

Question 3:If you were to be caught off-guard by an attacker, what would your defense be?
My Fists! WAAaaah!!!
A broom. No, a shovel! A SHOVEL!!!
Calling for help.
My shoes.
My whole body.

Question 4:What do you think of Martha Stewart?
Anal retentive and Martha go together like lemon peels and gardenia scented woodchips.
I can't say, my friends are listening.
The first rule of project mayhem is you do not ask questions, sir.
Ha! I think you know what I think of Martha Stewart.
Well umm...

Question 5:What characteristics do you enjoy the most in a lover?
What are you talking about you damn...hippie!
I don’t have a lover because, because...ouuwahhuwahu!
I want someone who can change my life, someone that scares me.
It’s always good when your lover is talented, only as long as they don’t get weird on you.
I like ‘em limber and loud.

Question 6:Why are you taking this quiz?
I want to know my place in this world.
Some friends e-mailed this to me.
Because I want to be enlightened.
Why did you write this quiz?
It’s cheaper than a movie.

Question 7:What do you look at while you’re sitting on the toilet?
That stain on the wall you can’t fathom what exactly made it.
Furniture and fashion catalogs.
A battered copy of some celebrity magazine with doodles and sarcastic comments all over the pages.
Backdoor lovers. But don’t tell anybody.
The wall. The sad emptiness of the wall.

Question 8:What are your hobbies?
Stealing, thrift store shopping, etc.
Writing, photography, obsessive collecting.
Computers, shredding papers and documents.
Support groups and Krispy Kreme.
Homemade items, creating and plotting against organizations...

Question 9:If a doctor were to diagnose you with an label of illness, physical or mental, what it would most likely be?
Insomniac. (can’t sleep, clowns will eat me)
Compulsive stealer. (obvious)
Sociopath. (one who doesn’t know right from wrong)
A huge liar.
Socially inept. (social retard)

Question 10:What group were you in when you attended high school
The math team.
The jocks(the major or minor divisions).
The goth or punk cliques.
A group? I had a cult!
The preppie or some regular group.

Question 11:What’s your biggest fear?
Having my secrets discovered.
Losing everything I’ve ever worked for.
It's already happened and I don't think you'd want me on your shoulder crying about it.

Question 12:If you were to watch tv, what program would you watch?
Late night infomercials.
The news. Just in case they included footage of your "incident".
Playboy and switching to Oprah when other people come into the room.
Sally or some creepy morning talk show.

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