Which Fanfic Ginny Are You?
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Which Fanfic Ginny Are You?

Which version of Ginny Weasley do you resemble?

Question 1:Your brother's just brought Harry over to the Burrow without telling anyone. You've just been laying around the house all day--quick, check to see what you're wearing.
Jeans and clothes you nicked from your brothers. Like socks. And sweaters.
A lovely dress that fits you perfectly and brings out your shimmering red hair.
Something black. And tight. And leather. Or maybe dragonhide.
Something barely legal in many countries.

Question 2:Ok. Speaking of Harry, let's talk about boys. How do you let a boy know if you like him?
Stare dreamily at him, then figure out a spell that will solve all his problems and make him finally notice me.
Borrow his clothes. Especially socks.
As if I have the time...boys are only useful if they can help me get revenge on everyone who has wronged me
Pin him up against a wall and have my way with him.

Question 3:Back at Hogwarts again. What's your favorite subject?
Astronomy...well, the tower is useful, anyway.
Potions. Professor Snape really isn't as horrid as everyone thinks
Well, I'm good at all of them, really, but I'd have to say Defense Against the Dark Arts. How else would I help Harry defeat Voldemort?
I love Charms. and Transfiguration. And they've certainly come in useful.

Question 4:Your brothers are being parts (again). What do you do?
Rummage through their trunks looking for the right thing to steal. .
Ignore them and go grab someone--anyone--for a shag.
Put something from Fred and George's joke shop in their trunk.
Hex them. Badly. Or put them on your hit list.

Question 5:Professor Trelawny is always talking about destiny. What do you believe yours is?
World domination and service at the whim of the Dark Lord.
Destiny? Who cares? Isn't Colin hot?
To marry Harry and have his children.
To find the one spell that will allow Harry to defeat the Dark Lord once and for all

Question 6:Speaking of marriage. Who do you think you will marry, really?
Harry, of course.
Marry? One man? You must be joking..
You'll be too busy taking over the world, thanks.
Harry. It's fate.

Question 7:Voldemort is on the rise and you're forced into great danger. What do you do?
Fight as best you can.
Escape as soon as possible and sneak off for a shag with the nearest available person.
Danger? Lord Voldemort will protect his followers.
Use the ancient spell you found that allows you to save Harry and defeat Voldemort once and for all.

Question 8:You finally get your first kiss. What do you hope it's like?
On a hearthrug. It's perfectly romantic.
Absolutely perfect. The Earth moves. You never want to kiss another man again.
First kiss? You have much more important things to do. Like torturing muggles.
Sexy. Preferably involving tongue.

Question 9:Ok. So, you've moved past the kissing stage. What can your lover do to make your first time special?
Marry you. Then sweep you away for a honeymoon. Even if it is only for a weekend.
Sacrifice muggles to the Dark Lord.
You don't really know, but it will probably involve someone being saved from a near death experience and declaring their undying love.
Show up.

Question 10:Ok. So you're happily settled with the man of your dreams. How many children and what do they look like?
Little Lily and little James look just like their father and me...and his parents...and their parents...
Babies! Bring on the babies! ...they look like Weasley's, of course.
Children? No thanks. It's hard to take over the world with a brat hangin on to you.
Just two, and they look like their fathers...you think.

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