Is Severus Snape For You?
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Is Severus Snape For You?

Can you handle the Potions Master?

Question 1:Which is a better quality in a man?
Pure good looks
Being in-famous
A mysterious past

Question 2:Your musical preferences?
Happy boppy teeny pop!
Anything dark
I don't listen to music

Question 3:What is your ideal breakfast?
Coffee. Black. Now.
Scones with jam, bacon, eggs, the whole works...
I don't have any sort of breakfast.
Pepper-Up Potion
Frosties with milk

Question 4:Why did the chicken cross the road?
It was in its nature
Gosh, my, I don't know, can I go now?
Go away. I said GO AWAY!
Fascinating as though chickens may be, this is hardly the forum to discuss it

Question 5:Dress sense?
Billowing, black and dramatic
I'm too busy staying alive to bother about clothes
I'm too busy working/teaching to bother about clothes
Something shiny, slinky, revealing
Jeans and sweatshirt

Question 6:What about friends?
Friendship is painful and unnecessary
I don't have any. Really.
I can't see how that's your business?
I like to take drugs with them

Question 7:How do you like your sex?
Quick and hot
Quick and rough
Romantic and safe
Slow and dark and full of regret

Question 8:Can I borrow 10 galleons?
Get. Out. Of. Here.
If I had any...

Question 9:Ideal date?
A big party full of hot dudes and lots of drugs and booze
Stealing sly kisses in Potions class
Sulking and listening to indie music
I don't date
Preparing some interesting and complicated potion

Question 10:What's your opinion of children?
They're lovely and I want at least three
If I'm paid for it
If the right person comes along...

Question 11:Which movie?
Edward Scissorhands
Harry Potter! Doh...
High School
As if I had the time to engage in such silly activities!

Question 12:How would your wedding be?
A small ceremony and a rather quick reception
It wouldn't happen
Big, white and fluffy
You have NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING, to do with my love life!

Question 13:Which kind of book?
Deep poetry
Teen magazines
Moste Potente Potions
Dark Sarcasm

Question 14:Best compliment?
You are rather... intelligent, Miss. How unusual for a Muggle.
You're too sweet to be true!
I don't do compliments
You are quite beautiful. Too bad you're a student...
*girlish giggle*

Question 15:Did you enjoy this quiz?
*smiles* Rather amusing.
Fuck no.
I was forced into this and you're in for detention.
Didn't I tell you to go away?
Yeah, whatever.

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