Do Homosexuals Find You Attractive?
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Do Homosexuals Find You Attractive?

Find out if homosexuals want in your pants.

Question 1:You are waiting in line at the food court in the mall when you notice a hand caressing your ass. Your first thought is that it belongs to.....
Your mom
Someone elses' mom.
The gaylord who touched your ass at the food court last week.
James Vanderbeek

Question 2:You're sitting at the bar, talking with a group of friends, when the dj points to you and says "someone has just requested this song for you". The song is.....
"Love will Keep us Together" The Captain and Tenille.
"The Bitch is Back" Elton John.
"Whip it" Devo
"Billy Jean" Michael Jackson.
Anything by Justin Timberlake.

Question 3:Someone is stalking you. You know you have a secret admirer because they have been calling your house constantly and leaving love notes in your mailbox. They have left you a present, what's in it?
A baby tee with the word "hottie" in sequins across the front.
James Vanderbeek
A subscription to "O" magazine.
A collection of short 'n' curlies and a vile or a strange liquid.
Bugle Boy Jeans.

Question 4:You and your dad are going for a Sunday drives when suddenly your dad pulls over. He insists you are being followed by "one of those types". How would you best describe your pursuant?
A person of undefinable sex, not dissimilar to Jackie Chan.
Think Julia Roberts, but without a penis.
Tall, Dark, and matching sex organs to your own.
The person behind you is your mom, your dad just needs glasses.
James Vanderbeek.

Question 5:Do your latest admirers share any common attributes with you?
Your genitals could be mirror images of each other.
You always knew people looked like their dogs, but this is eerie!
Yes, and they have the cold sores to prove it.
No, what do I look like a queer?

Question 6:Your last seductive encounter was at Home Depot.
Not Enough Information

Question 7:You believe that people find you attractive because of ....
Your Beauty/Man-Beauty
Your Chequebook
Your video collection of Animal Planet.
Your acid wash jeans.
Your El Camino, Bob Marley Poster etc...

Question 8:The last person you caught checking you out was.....
Jean Cretchien
Your opposite sex parent
That guy with the trenchcoat.
Urkell, from Family Matters. You always wondered what happened to that creepy little bastard..
Your same sex parent

Question 9:As a feeble attempt to draw attention from yourself away from any same sex pursuers you have....
Rented all of the Rocky Movies.
bought a medic alert/anti rape bracelet or fog horn.
Purchased all of the Rocky Movies.
Put a bell on the handlebars of your bike.
Stopped wearing deodorant.

Question 10:To prove you are not lying about encounters of same sex , what is it you offer that entices them so much?
The menu board behind you they are actually looking at as they wait to order.
I do not entice them, I am innocent.
Twenty bucks and a double dog dare.

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