Are you a metrosexual?
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Are you a metrosexual?

Do you even know what a metrosexual is? Ready for some joojing and manscaping? Take this quiz to find out how metrosexual you are!

Question 1:   Do you watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy?
No those guys are just too gay for me
Yes! All the time
Eh only when I'm bored

Question 2:   (If yes #1) Do you dress like the Fab 5?
Do they wear a jersey and ripped up jeans?
Does tight clothing count?
Who doesn't?

Question 3:   Are you thoughtful?
Yes, but I'm naturally like that
Never thought about it
Yes, just like the Fab 5 taught me to be

Question 4:   "We're here....we're not queer....but we're close to it"
What the hell?
That offended me
I was laughing my ass off

Question 5:   Do you know what "joojed" means?
Of course I do! Who doesn't?
I've heard it but I have no clue what it is
Grabs dictionary

Question 6:   Do you know any other hair products besides gel?
Gel is so 80's
Yes....I pay special attention to when Kyan talks about hair!
does hairspray count?

Question 7:   How many times do you go to the city?
Every now and then
At least once a week
Only when I'm forced to

Question 8:   Do you enjoy the arts?
Depends on which kind
What? You mean painting?

Question 9:   Do you know the names of the Fab 5?
Carson’s the only one I know
Dude, I don’t watch the show
Yes and I know Fab vocab as well

Question 10:   Lastly, are you actually a homosexual?
I wish

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