Do you love your stuffed animal?

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Do you love your stuffed animal or not?

  • 1
    How often do you sleep with your stuffed animal?
  • 2
    Does your stuffed animal have a house?
  • 3
    What is your stuffed animal's name?

  • 4
    Does your stuffed animal have clothes?
  • 5
    Does your stuffed animal have a pet?
  • 6
    What does your stuffed animal eat?

  • 7
    Do you wash your stuffed animal?
  • 8
    Does your stuffed animal have it's own website?
  • 9
    Have you ever mistreated your stuffed animal?
  • 10
    I hate your stuffed animal.

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158 days ago
@The demi-girl queen - Thanks for the vote of confidence! I like seeing stuff like that. You rock!
158 days ago
Some of the answers were HILARIOUS! Like for question 5 "It has a bedbug for a pet" made me laugh.
163 days ago
You go Lone Wolf! youre not "weird" for hanging out with your stuffed animal. I support you even though i dont know you. Slay!
236 days ago
What just because I spend most of my time alone with my stuff monkey which I have had her since I was 2 years old or just around 12 years now dosent mean there something wrong with me just means that I don't trust people because people always seem to leave me unlike her.
Also yes I have given her a gender personality and nane.
Plus am also autistic and she is one of my few object attachment my longest lasting object attachment.
321 days ago
I love my stuffed animals so much they are the best things in the world and do not tell me that I need help they are alive
371 days ago
i love my little wolf no matter what (☞゚ヮ゚)☞🐺
514 days ago
Please no hate but I have a stuffed animal and it is Dory off of Finding Dory and I have had her for four years now and I have really got attacted to it and I love Dory so much
759 days ago
my stuffed animal is laika the space dog i have a house and everything
761 days ago
I have a giant unicorn that I got for my sixth birthday and I use it as a pillow

And maybe a punching bag at times-
765 days ago
And if you say I hate her... I LOVE HER! SHE IS A GOOD BUNNY!
765 days ago
At my dad’s house, I have a cute bunny plushie I got for Easter named Strawberry-Cherry and I love her. She has a shy but caring personality, two sisters (yes, I had matching ones with my sisters) named Choco and Vanilla. They basically look like strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla bunnies!
922 days ago
I have a stuffed lion that i call Simba because...yeah. I love him and he sleeps with me almost every night and he comes with me on vacations and he has a whole personality. He also has a girlfriend named Samantha, who is a stuffed fox. Or maybe his girlfriend was a stuffed leopard named's so hard to keep track when you have 24 stuffed animals plus a lion who loves every girl he sees. And he was actually a gift to my mom from my dad when they were dating, but my mom gave him to me when i was four. i have loved him ever since.
1011 days ago
I have a Webkinz Ocelot Keina and I love her with all my heart. She is the best stuffed animal ever! I sleep with her every night and bring her on every vacation! Also how DARE YOU say you hate my stuffed animal.
1057 days ago
I have a Snowy Owl named Snowpuff but I call her my Fur-Baby! I am 11 and I can not go ANYWHERE without her (even school)... Snowpuff has comforted me since I was 6! I love her with all my heart. She is very clever and helps me decide on decisions! All my stuffed animals sleep in the cupboard, except Snowpuff! She is special to me. Also, I believe that Snowpuff has a life deep inside...
1167 days ago
you guys are so cute :D
1229 days ago
I have a cappuchin monkey that I named Mr. Fizzlebottom. (What?) I'm twelve and I can't sleep without him. He has a wife and two kids(they are real stuffed animals). He speaks spit language, and he's a huge hit with little kids. He is a rare Ty beanie buddy. I got him 2 or 3 years ago used.
1311 days ago
I have a husky called Darwin, I got him when I was 3, and I've loved him ever since. I just don't like pretending that he talks or eats. I'm not a child. But I still do love
1361 days ago
I like this quiz!! It’s fun and funny and the results are quite true— I love my stuff toy!!!!!!!!!!!
1386 days ago
Everyone calm down
It is stu pid
1437 days ago
I have a Dog named Doggie she doesn't have a bed because she sleeps with me and I give her imaginary food, and she has a best friend named Kitty (A cat)