Which of my friend's Halloween Costumes fits you best?
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Which of my friend's Halloween Costumes fits you best?

Okay, me and my friends came in costumes from creative to crappy, so it's time for you to figure out which one you fit with. Oh, and I have other tests at http://www.angelfire.com/rebellion/purplenippledtesties/ so have fun there too.

Question 1:Well, it's Halloween. You have a Halloween Party coming up at a friend's house. But, to go to school, you go with...
Your whole costume, man! That way you don't have to change.
None of your costume. You still don't know what you'll be yet.
Your hair styled. You'll figure out what to do afterwards.
Hair dye. That's just a piece of the costume.
None of your costume. It's too embarrassing to show inside school walls.

Question 2:Well, school has a DJ playing at the courtyard during lunch for Halloween. That is, your school has enough money to pay a DJ to play during lunch for Halloween. Anyway, you're busy...
Eating. I'm a lunch, man.
Wishing you could dance, but you're just not worth dancing with.
Doing magic tricks for quarters.
Watching the dancers. Maybe dancing a little jig to yourself.
Talking with people.

Question 3:You get on your bus. The worst part about the costume is...
The fact that I don't have a costume leaves me from answering this question.
Worst part? My costume is barely a costume.
People throw paper balls at you because it's horrible.
My costume pokes people next to me.
The clothes keep getting stepped on.

Question 4:You get ready for the party. You...
Realize your costume will at least be funny enough to laugh at. Not laugh with.
Just add stuff to my hair. Clothes have nothing to do with it if they don't look down.
Put something together at the last minute which tuns out to be a humongous hit at the party.
Add a couple of stuff onto your hair after modifying it and putting on the black that goes with it.
Get the grease stain off an accessory you wore at school.

Question 5:You're at the party and Death answers. Your first instinct is to...
Say hello. Like a NORMAL person.
Say you're already dead.
Attack it with your creatures of evil.
Attack it with your mighty flowers of doom.
Realize God answered your prayers.

Question 6:Death is the friend hosting the party. You find out that you are...
The last one to be there. They already went trick-or-treating.
One of the first. You try to be early.
One of the last ones. But you got to trick-or-treat.
Somewhere in the middle of the invitees.
With someone else, so you can't tell if you were 6th or 7th.

Question 7:What do you do with the bag of candy you got?
Talk and eat the candy.
Again, I didn't get to go trick-or-treating.
Watch the people throwing candy at each other. Ooh, someone got hit with a Jawbreaker!
Yell at your meddling mom for wanting to inspect the candy.
Throw the candy at people.

Question 8:The little haunted house tent which had a fog machine that filled the house to the point where you couldn't see. You...
Stay in the tent waiting to scare people.
Don't want to be near the screamer scarer in the tent.
Pretend to have an orgy inside by throwing clothes and making orgasm noises.
Looked in once. There's a party going on, man.

Question 9:The coolest costume at the party is...
I'm just some skeevy loser with no REAL costume.
Everyone elses'. I didn't even try.
At least mine was cute.
Mine. I rule.
Mine. It could definitely have some additions, but I never seem to be able to get everything I want in my costume.

Question 10:And, if you actually WERE your Halloween costume, you'd say...
Stop beating me with sticks!!!! STOP!!!!! My calculator!
Free cobwebs for everyone!
I bless you, and you. Not you. You're ugly.
I can pull a rabbit out of my fly for food

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