Is your scarf plotting your murder?
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Is your scarf plotting your murder?

How can you be sure that it is safe to wear your favourite scarf? Was that a spider you heard, creeping slowly across the room in the middle of the night? Find out if your worst nightmare is about to come true - is your scarf plotting your murder?

Question 1:   OK, first of all, does your scarf always seem a bit too tight, even when you keep loosening it?
Er, I'm not sure. Maybe
Yeah! All the time, it's like it's trying to strangle me or something!
Sometimes, but only because I wasn't very nice to it that day
No, it's the perfect fit. Never to tight.

Question 2:   When you go out without your scarf, is it always in the same place as you left it before you went out?
Yeah, duh. Why would it move?
I could have sworn it moved the other day! But it was probably just my imagination.
Yeah all the time, it likes to watch the telly when I'm out. Sometimes, we even get into fights over who watches the TV, most of which it wins.
Yeah, it was weird, I'm sure it was messing round with the knives in the kitchen, too.

Question 3:   When you're out at a friend's house, and you leave your scarf in the coat cupboard, does your scarf slink off into a corner and talk in hushed voices with other scarfs?
Man, yeah! It was totally creepy! It felt like it bit me, or something, when I tried to drag it away.
Scarfs don't talk.
Not that I've noticed...
Only occasionally, it likes to join in with the Big Guys sometimes

Question 4:   Is your scarf often in a bad mood?
Er, I don't think so. How do you tell?
Only when it doesn't get what it wants. Then I have to keep out of its way for a bit to let it calm down.
It's rarely in a good mood. It's pretty horrid to live with, actually. It's even worse when it IS in a good mood, because I wonder what it might have done to make it so happy.

Question 5:   Would you ever consider buying a new scarf?
I dunno.
Maybe, if I saw one I really liked.
Sometimes I really want a new one, but my present one wouldn't really like it if I did.
I did buy a new one. Several times, actually, but they all mysteriously disappeared...

Question 6:   Would you ever throw your present scarf away?
I did that, too, but the next day it was sitting back in my cupboard. That kinda freaked me out.
I dunno, I'm not sure I'd really need to.
Yeah, if I didn't want it anymore.
No way, it would go mad! It would never be able to cope in the Big Wide World on its own!

Question 7:   Do you ever worry about what might happen if you left your scarf in the house on its own for too long?
No. Why should I?
Um, no. But then, maybe. I'm slightly insecure when it comes to scarfs
Definitely. It might blow something up, or something.
Not usually, no. I think I can trust it to behave while I'm out. Most of the time.

Question 8:   Do you hear something going through the cat flap in the middle of the night, even when the cat is with you?
Er, I think that was the neighbour's cat.
I don't have a cat flap.
Well, the scarf does like to wander round in the dark, I think it meets up with its friends.
Yes! All the time! Sometimes, it's like there are loads of things coming in and out of the cat flap! It keeps me awake all night, I'm too scared to go and find out what it is!

Question 9:   Where is your scarf right now?
In the cupboard, where I left it.
I think it's in the cupboard.
It went to the park to play on the swings, I only let it out after a big fight though.
I haven't the faintest idea. It just upped and left.

Question 10:   Finally, what colour is your scarf?

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