Are your sandals out to get you?
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Are your sandals out to get you?

Are your sandals plotting your death? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:   Do your sandals hurt even though you've had them awhile?
No. They're great.
Yes! It's like they are attacking me!
Only if I'm trying to run in them.

Question 2:   Are they hard to put on or remove?
Yeah, but they are a little to small.
It's like they become one with my foot.

Question 3:   Do you trip often when you wear them?
Not at all.
Yeah, but I'm kinda clumsy.
Yes! I can hardly walk!

Question 4:   Have you ever put your sandals somewhere only to come back and find they have mysteriously moved?
All the time.
No. Why would they?
Once, but my mom probably moved them.

Question 5:   Have they ever disappeared for a few days and then come back.
All the time. Sometimes they are gone for weeks.
Of course not. What kind of stupid quiz is this?
I'm sure there was an explanation for that...

Question 6:   Do they ever stare at you?
Maybe they have once or twice.
Sandals don't have eyes stupid.
Yes. It's like they're stalking me.

Question 7:   Do they ever talk to you?
Sandals can't talk you moron.
I thought they did once but I was really drunk.
We've had whole conversations. And I wasn't on drugs.

Question 8:   Do your sandals scare you?
No, but you are starting to.
I'm terrified. I can hardly sleep at night.
Only when they talk.

Question 9:   Have you ever gone to sleep and woken up to find them at the foot of your bed.
Maybe my dog put them there...
Sometimes the are even on my pillow.
No! What kind of wacko are you?

Question 10:   Have you ever thrown them away and then found them back in your house later on?

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