Are you Sockaphobic and in danger of Socks?
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Are you Sockaphobic and in danger of Socks?

Take this test to see if Socks are out to get you.

Question 1:When you see a Sock you...
Talk as calmly as possible..."nice Socks, don't hurt me"
Scream and run for your life.
Kick it out of the way.
Ingnore the Sock
Put it on.

Question 2:When a Sock lays in your path, you...
Freeze in terror.
Run and jump over it.
Turn around...its bad luck!
Walk on by.
Pick it up.

Question 3:Do you go in the laundry room/laundromat?
Every day to do my laundry.
Only if I my mom makes me.
Never! Socks hide in there!!!!
NO WAY!!! Socks hide in there and I have sealed of that entrance so they can't get out!
I don't wear clothes.

Question 4:What do you know about Socks?
They are for keeping your feet warm.
My Socks have holes in them.
Too much and they scare me!!!
They come in pretty colors.
I hate them.

Question 5:At your local Walmart store you buy...
Socks...I LOVE them!
Shoes to match my Socks.
Scissors to cut up attacking Socks!
I don't go in Walmart...there are Socks in there!
Stuff I need.

Question 6:Do you wear socks?
NO...I'd never let one get on my foot and eat it!
Yes, several on one foot.
Too hot for Socks here.
My mom made me wear them as a kid and my feet are scarred for life!

Question 7:Your favorite clothing is...
ANYTHING but Socks!
Shoes...can't wear Socks!
No preference

Question 8:Why are you taking this test?
I am bored.
I need to know if they'll get me!
This is fun!

Question 9:If somebody locked you in your laundry room what would you do?
Climb up as high as possible away from the Socks in the floor.
Play in the pile of dirty Socks!
Cower in the corner away from the Socks!
Wait for somebody to let me out.

Question 10:What is you overall feeling toward Socks?
Let them all burn in hell!!!!!
I'll just let my dog tear them to shreds.
Keep them away from me!
I wear them when I need to.
I LOVE Socks!

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