What type of sock are you?
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What type of sock are you?

Ever wondered what type of sock you'd be if you were one? Well here's your chance to find out!

Question 1:Do you feel the cold easily?
Always, even in summer
Sometimes I get cold when most people don't
Only if its actually cold, like below 10 degrees C
I don't get cold very often
I don't feel the cold. Ever

Question 2:How do you feel about wool?
I love wool. Wool is my life
I like wool. It's soooo sooooft...
I don't mind wool, but I'm more of a cotton person
I don't really like wool, it's so itchy
I hate wool. Wool should stay on sheep, where it belongs

Question 3:Describe your feet
Actually I was thinking about my feet this morning. They're soooo interesting!
My feet are pretty cool
My feet are okay, but they're kind of a strange shape...
I hate my feet...that's why people have shoes....to hide their feet...

Question 4:How many socks do you own?
I could never count them all, but I have 6 and a half draws full of socks
I have quite a few socks. There's just something about them...
I have the average number. Enough to have some to wear even when I'm doing my washing
I don't own many socks. I like my feet to be free : )
I don't own socks. Socks are the evil of the world

Question 5:Have you ever considered taking up knitting?
I knit all the time. How else will I get totally original socks?
I've often considered it, but I'm not really the knitting type
I don't really want to knit
Isn't knitting supposed to be hard? Why would I want to do something hard?
I hate knitting. I never want to knit

Question 6:What are your favorite words out of these?
Stretchy, fluffy, soft
Fluffy, Comfy, Cheese
Comfy, Cheese, Blob
Cheese, Blob, Bare
Blob, Bare, Sandal

Question 7:Do you like trees?
Can we please get back to socks, they're far more interesting
Weren't we just talking about socks?
Trees? Erm...trees are good
I quite like trees
At last. Questions about something other than socks

Question 8:What's your favorite type of shoe?
Any type of shoe that shows off my new socks
I quite like trainers, that way I can be comfy, and still see my socks if I want to
Erm...shoes are good...
I like ankle length boots, that way it doesn't matter what socks I'm wearing
About the thigh boots, then I don't have to see my socks. I hate seeing socks

Question 9:What are you most afraid of?
Cold feet. I'd hate for my poor little feet to get cold
No sheep, because then there'd be nothing to get wool from. I like wool. It's sooo soooft...
I don't like paper that much...paper's quite scary
Wool. Wool gives me the creeps
Socks. I have nightmares about socks. Frequently

Question 10:If you could change the world in any way, how would you change it?
I'd make socks free to everyone. All people should be blessed with the wonders of socks
I'd make sure everyone could afford nice shoes
I make cheese a vegetable, then it would be good for you and you'd have to eat it
I'd make boots available to everyone
I'd ban socks. I hate socks

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