Do you have COOL socks?
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Do you have COOL socks?

Do you have cool socks? Do your friends notice that you make an effort to pick out your socks, or do they not, because you wear plain white socks?

Question 1:What's your favorite color below?
Puke Green
Anything goes, EXCEPT for Puke Green.

Question 2:Would you be embarrassed if you were wearing socks that looked liked watermelons and a teacher called you "Miss Watermelon Socks?"
Yes, I would turn red, run into the bathroom and take off my socks.
No, I'd just grin and bear it, that teacher knows nothing about fashion!

Question 3:What wouldn't you wear on your socks?
The words "I love boys, you Kiss me!"
Patterns, I like my plain white socks!
My sister! DUH!!!

Question 4:How many pairs of socks have you bought in the past month?
3 pairs, they came in a value pack.
1pair to replace the only other pair I own.
8 pairs, their sooo cool, one pair has "I love my Socks!" written on them.

Question 5:How many pairs of socks have you bought in the past 6 months?
11, I was going through a period when I broke up with my boyfriend.
2, I got brave and bought them in the color gray.
20, that was a tiny amount compared to what I bought in the 6 months before!

Question 6:My favorite pair of socks is...
The ones with the leaping frogs.
The white ones with the stripes on top.
The low cut ones with the butterflys.

Question 7:Does your mom barrow your socks?
Only the plain colored ones.
Yes, we both love plain socks.
Sometimes, just the ones that I wore last year, and sometimes I think she "accidentally" puts my socks in her laundry pile!

Question 8:Did you get a pair of socks for Christmas last year and were excited?
No, the pair of socks I got last year were plain and ugly!
No, I have enough socks, 3 pairs is good enough for me!
YES!!! OF COURSE!!! One pair even matched one of the bandanas I wear in my hair.

Question 9:After taking this test, will you re-do your sock collection?
I don't know, I haven't been scored yet.(probably not.)
Why wear socks with patterns on them when you could wear cool plain white socks.
NO! But I might add a few pairs to my collection.

Question 10:Why did you take this test?
Well, I thought I had cool socks, and I wanted to verify my thoughts.
My friends told me to.
To see the test designers view on cool socks, so far the test designers got her sock facts straight!

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