Do your socks party secretly?
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Do your socks party secretly?

Have you ever wondered where your socks are?

Question 1:   Do your socks seem to disappear in the wash?
All the time!

Question 2:   Do you find your socks somewhere else then where you put them?
Of course!
How did you guess?

Question 3:   Do your socks end up outside the washing machine even though you made sure they went in?
Uh oh....
Once in a while...
My aims TOO good!

Question 4:   Do your socks always seem dirty?
Nope, I'm a clean freak!
Only because I don't change my socks often

Question 5:   Do your socks seem to be in a different position overnight?
Mice moved them

Question 6:   Do your socks look tired?
I dunno
How can you tell?
Once in a while I SWEAR I hear them yawn!

Question 7:   Your socks...
are all stretched
look brand new
are your least concern

Question 8:   You treat your socks like...
dirt, couldn't care less
your brother, okay
a king, you treat them with respect

Question 9:   If there was one thing you could wish for about your socks, it would be that...
Nothing! They're the way you like them
maybe if they get cleaner...
Your socks stayed looking clean, new and stopped disappearing!

Question 10:   How much do you like socks?
They're OK
I COULDN'T Live without them
Not much but mum makes me wear them. YUK!

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