How long would you survive?

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Long ago, a great forest stretched many hundreds of kilometers. Challengers would see how long they could survive before leaving, or worse, dying. These challengers would go exactly 5 kilometers in and tried to survive. How long would you survive, Challenger?

  • 1
    A succubine - wormy creature with five rows of teeth that burrows underground and is 20-40 metres large - jumps out of the ground and swallows your supplies. Now it wants a try of Challenger meat!
  • 2
    The bravest of Challengers would only take three items. Would you take on the challenge
  • 3
    What kind of supplies would a Challenger like you take with you? Remember, pack too much and you'll be too slow, take too little and you might not survive.

  • 4
    A monster has horribly scratched you! What do you do?
  • 5
    You've run out of food. You forgot whats edible or not.
  • 6
    Preforest Question: You have an hour to prepare and are given a choice between three scrolls that each take an hour. Therefore you can only read one. Which do you read?

  • 7
    Your camp was overrun by giant, pink, spider monsters that eat your food and destroy your supplies. Some supplies, however, remain.
  • 8
    You come across a large pyramid temple that is marked with "Challenger Supplies". What should you do?
  • 9
    Where is the best place to sleep?
  • 10
    You must bring a weapon. Remember, your surroundings are a deep forest so some weapons won't be that great. At the same time, getting too close to a monster is a bad idea.

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108 days ago
I got

(Ultimate Challenger!
You'd survive for a full month without getting hurt and might not even sustain any injuries. If you wanted to, you could live in the forest for years. Probably you'd only die of boredom. Well done!
This is the best score you could possibly get. Challengers look up to you. Fan clubs for you would spring up everywhere. )
675 days ago
I'm female and I am the greatest challenger! So no need to go rescuing the girls, ry.
914 days ago
*flips hair in slomo*
950 days ago
demigod hahaha just like me winkwink! *wips hair and bites lip *
1002 days ago
Demigod love
1219 days ago
Creator here, do what you think you would do, not what you think the best option is.
It's not a math quiz. Then again, I'm not your dad so I can't stop you from just going ahead and getting Demigod without making any real choices.
1268 days ago
I'm a Alchemist.
I stay alive for about14 days.
1272 days ago
I stay alive for 64 days in the forest and if women did it I would be rescuing them.After that they would probably want SE😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘XX.
1284 days ago
Do we do what we would do in that situation, or what we think the best answer is? I did what I think the best answer is and I got Demigod. If I did what I would have done in that situation, I'd probably have gotten something different,
1350 days ago
Awesome quiz! And I'm the greatest Challenger of all time!