Prison life

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Description: You have been caught in a prison during a war. Your name is Sir George III. The quiz is like the game prison life V2.0 from Roblox, except if you die once, you die forever. Remember: staying in prison is better than dying.

difficulty: normal average score: 4/5

Your points are graded by your chance of escaping, your chance of death, and creativity.


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    1.You’re now in prison. What do you do? (think of it as a mix of real life and prison life on Roblox)

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464 days ago
i think this was interesting but to much words

still interesting thanks jack!
769 days ago
Woah. I just came back to this quiz 2 years after making it. It's the first thing that comes up when you search for "Prison", and has 18K views... I'm honestly surprised.
I also wonder if Mqrgot really did that quiz every day.
1070 days ago
I do this every day to feel good and I love the person who did that maybe we can meet some day
1086 days ago
Alright, whatever you say.
1135 days ago
Kool Kwiz. but I SAVED GIMMY. Gimmy credit! i AM the HERO who escaped th eheavily gaurded prison with a whole in the fence. OK.
1249 days ago
Reese is the major GAY GAY!!!!
1287 days ago
I am confuzzled, you have now made me confuzzled to the power of 2, wut