Feet And Tickle Quiz
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Feet And Tickle Quiz

See if you have a foot and tickle fetish.

Question 1:   You wee a very hot blonde cheerleader out on the football field. What do you think?
I want sex
I bet she has smelly feet
I'd love to tie her up and tickle her feet

Question 2:   You see Hilary Duff on TV. What do you think?
I'd like to lick and smell her feet
I bet she has smelly feet
I bet she has ugly feet
I'd like to tickle her feet

Question 3:   You walk into an office. The secretary is very hot. What do you think?
I'd like to smell her feet
I'd like to tie her to the chair and tickle her feet
How long do I have to wait

Question 4:   You're in a fast-food restaurant. The cashier is very sexy. What do you think?
How much do I have to pay?
I'd love to smell her sweaty feet
I'd like to tickle her to death

Question 5:   When you look at a girl, what do you notice first?

Question 6:   What would you like to do to your girlfriend?
Rub her feet
Tickle her feet with a feather
Kiss her

Question 7:   Three of your hottest friends are girls. They are over at your house and are pestering you. What do you do?
Pillow fight them
Tie them to the bed and tickle their feet
Leave them alone

Question 8:   You find a hot girl stuck somewhere. Her legs are sticking out and she has her hands pinned and can't get free. What do you want to do?
Help her out
Take off her shoes and tickle her feet insanely
Remove her shoes slowly and then tickle her feet with a feather

Question 9:   Favorite part of a girl's foot?
I don't like feet
The fact that they're pretty, smelly, and ticklish

Question 10:   What would you rather tickle a girl's feet with? A...
blade of grass

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