What are you?
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What are you?

What are you really?? Inside...

Question 1:Imagine this, you are walking along in the forest walking on a path and some guy on a bike rushes past nearly running you over. What do you do?
Use your baseball bat to attack him... in public.
Leap on and attack the man tearing at his putrid flesh. (C'mon someone that rude is putrid)
Brush it off.
Take your preferred weapon and catch this man, making sure he'll never be found.

Question 2:You are just sitting minding your own business when a wallet hits you in the side of the head.
You examine the wallet noticing that it is a very stylish wallet... just like the one a certain person you like has.. You rush to return it.. although it wasn't them.
You take the money out and the calculating the trajectory throw a rock, in addition to the wallet, back at the sender.
&#65532; You take the wallet, and money back to where it might have come from.
You growl and move your arms slowly and using the discarded garden spike beside you attack the offender. Who cares about money.

Question 3:You are at a restaurant with a coworker and it ends up that they have come to you with a horrible problem about their.... Why did that that drop off like that?
You didn't want to gab on about their issues. It's personal.
You only care about the "friends" who will eventually allow this body to rule the world.
You killed them... they were annoying.
You began to stare at the food in front of them and then suddenly they were gone.. as was every one else in the restaurant.. and you had the table cloth hanging out of your mouth...

Question 4:You are entrusted with a very important message for a coworker. The due date for their very important project has been moved up to this afternoon instead of next week. What do you do?
I would right away go and make sure they knew.
With hold this information, while completing the project yourself, because this will help promote you to power
::shakes:: Strange creatures... approaching me... in and enclosed space... AHHHHHHHHHHHH~!
Laugh insanely and wait till a minute before the meeting it's due at to tell them the new due date. Just to watch them scurry.

Question 5:You are alone in a room in the pentagon. No one knows you are there. In front of you is a button that is labeled "button that will destroy all of Europe". What do you do?
??! What do I do?! I report to the media about this button.
I pus the button, Europe has too much competition, plus lets get rid of the unnecessary humans as quick as possible.
What do I do? Freak out and escape as quickly as possible! What am I doing in a room! Is there at least any food?
Push the button, and then get on the P.A. to gloat, tell everyone who you are, what you have done, and your home address.

Question 6:There is a box of matches, a flame thrower, and a bomb (not set to go off) inside of a seemingly empty house. What do you do?
What am I doing in a house?? Fire?? That's scary? Where is the food? The mate? Aahh! I shall attack you!
Take these weapons and cause destruction. Free the penguins from the zoo!!
Call the police. What are these things doing in an 'empty' house?!
Destroy the house. Laugh insanely until the police come... and then laugh more in their face.

Question 7:You are given a cake to give to someone else. What do you do with it?
??? Give it to them?
Poison it, what else?
Sniff it very carefully and then chomp it down before running away.
Give it to them, there by creating the illusion that you are not trying to kill them to lull their suspicions... for the next time.

Question 8:There is a turtle in the middle of the road about to be hit by a car. What do you do?
Run out and put more animals in the road while I still have more time.
Eat it?
Sit back and enjoy, while making it appear that I have tried to save it
Try to save it!!!!

Question 9:You have been told that to be allowed to join a sports team of all men… but you must let the whole team have their way with you. You really need to get on this team... What is your reaction?
Report them or go vigilante and humiliate them all so horribly no girl will ever see them in the same light again.
O_O... I shall tear and rend if they put one paw on me that I don't want!
No problem. After all it's not like this is MY body or anything
Destroy all of them quickly and bloodily, after all. If anyone is going to have their way, it'd better be you.

Question 10:You have annoyed me now.
I shall destroy you for saying that I have annoyed you! I may be small but I am ultimate!!
Why? I'm taking your quiz for you aren't I??
Feh. What should I care? I could eat you for breakfast... if was that hungry.
So? You are nothing! Only a pitiful human!! Or... hm.. What are YOU?

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